SCAM Alert!

Us old farts are always trying to be scammed by morons….attempting to access your information so they can screw us out of what little we have.

Recently I got a phone call and the prompt was

“Hello citizen….there is a problem with your social security account and all benefits have been frozen….if you would like more information then…..” and that is where I hang up.

I checked with the SS office and they said that if there was a problem then we would notify you by mail and use your name…..

This scammer tried three times using three different local numbers…..

I gave the numbers to the SS person and hopefully they can track these parasite down and punish them massively.

So please be careful…these asswads are lurking and looking for any chance to slip the screws to you….especially if you are elderly….scammers think we are idiots and that we would worry about our benefits to the point that we would give them a chance to crap on us.

Do not give these people a chance to do the worst to you and your accounts.

Any attempts to access your accounts please let the authorities know immediately….for they will try again.

Hopefully the FCC can get this pack of toads…..

Under a bill Congress passed in 2019, spammers can be fined up to $10,000 for a single robocall. The fine handed out to two Texas-based telemarketers Wednesday worked out to less than 5 cents per robocall, but it was still a new record for the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC says John Spiller and Jakob Mears, who operated under business names including Rising Eagle and JSquared Telecom, have been fined a record $225 million for sending out around a billion automated calls falsely offering affordable short-term health insurance plans from major companies, KHOU reports.

Officials say Spiller admitted sending out millions of calls a day and said he targeted people registered on Do Not Call lists because he thought it would be more profitable. He also admitted using spoofed numbers, the FCC says. The fine is part of a wider FCC effort to crack down on robocalls, CNBC reports. Officials announced Wednesday that a new Robocall Response Team has been formed with 51 FCC employees who will coordinate anti-robocall efforts with other federal agencies.


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“lego ergo scribo”

21 thoughts on “SCAM Alert!

  1. I got basically the same robo-call here on the west coast, saying my social security number had been frozen and that I needed to press 1 in order to fix the problem. I knew it was a scam, but took the opportunity to unload on the call starting with the F-word and working myself down into the gutter with all manor of filth and shit I’ve seen written on bathroom walls. Great fun, and very cathartic!

  2. Yes, I received many calls like this myself, but I was aware of what they were doing. It has been a while since I have received one. I actually did a blog post and podcast on this a day or two ago. I had been wanting to do it for some time, directed especially towards senior citizens. I have also gotten similar calls from the so called IRS. They even threatened if I ignored the call I could be charged, fined and even imprisoned. I returned a call once, I actually got a live voice…….I told them I was aware of their scam and to please hang on as the FBI is tracing this call (which I know is silly to tell them, if they were really tracing); they hung up immediately.

  3. We have had a lot of Text message scams here. They ask you to ring a number to check on your vaccination date. It looks like a local number, but is redirected to somewhere in the Bahamas, and charged at £10 a minute, premium rate. A machine answers, and asks you to hold. They say you are in a queue, and should only have to wait 10 minutes. Then it clicks off, and has cost you £100. Needless to say, I didn’t answer any of them. The police estimate that some 50,000 people have fallen for it here. That’s half a million, for the scammers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Sheesh–I got that call 3 times in the past week. And then two from amazon saying there was a crazy charge on my account. The scammers are getting more annoying and desperate.

    Also got police and fire associations calling, asking for donations. Um… most of us are trying to hurry up and pay our taxes, so now’s a bad time. Why not wait til tax season is over, then people KNOW if they have money they can spare? Ugh.

    1. Most of those phone calls tell after they give you the pitch that it is non-deductible…..these organizations are supported by city or state…why do they need cash? chuq

      1. My dad always hated giving to charity, mostly because my mom used to give to televangelists, even after they were caught up in sex scandals (I think Jimmy Swaggart was one of ’em she sent to). But not only that, he’d be working overtime for emergency money and help pay taxes and it never seemed to stick around. Turns out she was donating 10 percent of the whole, not base pay. So he was working overtime to give people private jets, and he yelled at her to donate her own paycheck and leave his alone.

        So when the Wounded Warriors commercials started coming on, he got really annoyed because he thought “hey, isn’t the government supposed to be taking care of these folks already? Why not try to improve that system instead of asking for a a handout from your average person who don’t make squat?” If he was still around, he’d probably give these firemen’s and police associations an earful, just because he can’t stand the idea that he’d pay enough in taxes that there shouldn’t be a need for a handout.

      2. I agree that vets should never need to beg for money….we need to repair them for the service they provided. chuq

      3. That’s the thing that pisses me off the most about our wars. Our government sends these folks over to do a job (which they signed up for, granted), but part of that contract is that if anything happens to that person, our government takes care of them and gets them what they need to be healthy and able to live. That’s supposed to be the deal (with the caveat that they won’t be sent in for every penny-ante skirmish that a little more time at the negotiating table–or another power–could take care of).

        That’s what makes me so angry about these people who send our service people off to war: if you don’t have the resources (or care) to help them when they get back less than whole, then don’t send them off in the first place. Maybe this is why when I hear see people say “thank you for your service” to one in the forces, whether in a diner or wherever, I don’t see much of an enthusiastic response. I hate to say it, but it feels rote when I hear someone say it, like a reflex.

        I have Beau’s t-shirt which says it best: Before you support the troops, you have to support the truth. And the truth is we’ve dropped the ball on taking care of the people making these sacrifices for something they believe in beyond themselves, something that’s supposed to help protect our nation as a whole.

        Not saying anything new, but I could always understand my dad’s anger about this issue. It’s one of the few points we could agree on up to the end.

      4. Thanx for your thoughts…..I keep writing about the crappy treatment of our vets and yet few seem to care…..chuq

      5. That’s probably part of the trouble with our endless wars: we’re damned insulated here on the home front. I don’t notice anyone caring much unless they personally know someone in the military on active duty. It’s when it’s in their face as a physical wound that suddenly it hits home how badly the help is needed. What scares me now is with this anti-science, overly-macho fervor that’s swept the country the past few years, the PTSD and other often unseen disabilities are scoffed at or disbelieved so easily.

        Maybe if these lawmakers don’t want to hear more about disabled vets, then they shouldn’t send people off to war so easily. Amazing how there are so few military casualties when there’s no war.
        Nah, makes too much sense for them, I guess.

      6. I agree with you…..I have been antiwar for 40 years… few are willing to look past their little corner of the world. chuq

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