Historic Screw Ups

War sucks!

I have studied war in all its forms…..and in all that time we are seldom taught about the major F-ups that leads to the destruction of life and limb.

And it sucks even more when the commanders have their heads up their butts and send men into a meat grinder…..these are called “missteps” to preserve the reputation of the leaders that were stupid enough to try something stupid.

Just a few of these would be Dien Bien Phu, Gallipoli, then defeat of Roman legions by Hannibal, etc…etc….etc….

This is just a small list of major F-ups…….

War is – more often than that – a numbers game. Unless something unlikely happens, it’s usually the side with the numerical advantage that goes home with the victory, which has been especially true in history. Many modern weapons – like nukes – can easily make brute force obsolete, though that wasn’t the case for most of our history. If you took a bigger and more intimidating army to a battle, you were almost-always more likely to return victorious.

That is, of course, unless you happen to go out of your way to make a mistake (we’re looking at you, Napoleon). Quite a few traditionally-superior armies in history have been defeated due to unnecessary blunders that could have been easily avoided. While many of these disastrous military blunders in history may not be common knowledge to most of us, almost all of them were instrumental in deciding the outcome of their respective wars.

8. The British Invasion of Afghanistan


I do not agree with some of these “missteps”….I think the defeat of the Romans by Hannibal a major F-up…..https://www.ancient.eu/Battle_of_Cannae/

or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan….https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/soviet-tanks-roll-into-afghanistan

Just a few incidents that should have been well thought out before the action….I am sure there are others that could make this list……

Please if you can think of others let me know…..

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3 thoughts on “Historic Screw Ups

  1. One can assign that war in general is the ultimate F-up and even more so when one explores the reasons for any particular one… religious wars especially; ignoring “Thou shalt not kill.” in the process. Just looking at events since World War 2, our foreign policy regarding our military interventions has been essentially, “We are bringing democracy to you even if it kills you. You’re welcome.”

    If you are just talking strategic blunders…. um… every military intervention since World War 2 that included politics.

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