Make It Go Bang!

By now everyone has heard about the moron that blew up himself and his RV in Nashville. The thing is this person is handled with kid gloves in the media (at least that is how it appears)… question is….WHY?

The Nashville narrative is pretty clear: Authorities say Anthony Quinn Warner packed his RV with explosives and blew it and himself up on Christmas while parked downtown. He was, by the most basic definition of the term, a suicide bomber. And yet you’d be hard-pressed to find the phrase in media coverage, writes Danielle Campoamor at Refinery29. The same applies to “domestic terrorist.” Campoamor calls out “legacy publications” in general for avoiding the terminology, particularly the New York Times and the local Tennessean, which is part of Gannett. Instead of being called a suicide bomber or a domestic terrorist, Quinn is being described as a lonely, older white guy. If he were Black or brown, he wouldn’t be getting the same treatment, writes Campoamor. She notes that this Times article in particular set off a backlash among critics like her.

“Editors and political talking heads dragging their feet to name a white domestic terrorist accordingly is hardly new,” she writes. Men like those recently accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s governor usually are instead described as “militia” members or “watchmen.” Campoamor isn’t the only calling attention to this. “If a bomber commits suicide with a bomb wouldn’t you call that person a suicide bomber?” tweets Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast. The problem goes beyond media semantics, writes Campamor, pointing as an example to the way hate crimes against Muslims spike after an attack by someone claiming to be one. “This refusal to hold white men to the same standard—to the same level of villainization—plays a large part in the culture of hate crimes that runs rampant in America,” Campamor notes. (Read her full column.)

Why was this white guy a lonely man with mental problems?

I do not think a black or brown person would have gotten such favorable treatment….they would have been thugs or terrorists.

What gave this demented person the benefit of the doubt when others are not so lucky?


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11 thoughts on “Make It Go Bang!

  1. I thought much the same when watching reports on the BBC news. They talked about him having ‘no motive’, and possibly ‘being lonely’. They also made much of the fact that he had played a recorded warrning, so that people would not be injured by the blast. One reporter said that “This was not a terrorist attack, as terrorists would have wanted to cause loss of life”. Some postulated that it was a ‘protest’ against AT&T, and that is why the RV was parked outside their building.
    As you say, if he had been a Muslim, the news agenda would have been very different.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The powers that be know that once the “lonely white guy” becomes a suicide bomber or terrorist, that the flood gates will open and white people will be targeted with the same broad brush that everyone else already is. The privilege will be taken away.

  3. Wasn’t the guy talking about Lizard People and shit. I mean yes if a black person did this they would get no sympathy, but this does seem a case of Mental Illness. I have a friend who agrees with a lot of stuff David Icke says and I have decided the Lizards are a metaphor for Psychopaths (which used to be associated with the Reptile Brain.)

    The reality is that yes their are huge problems with people who abuse Government and Corporate Power in the USA. You don’t need Reptilians for that (although it is nice to believe that something birthed by a human couldn’t do this shit) you just need to realize that capitalism is a perfect environment for Psychopaths to succeed.

    Despite how the Conservatives like to call themselves “The Moral Majority” Capitalism according to it’s own theorist like Ayn Rand is about tearing down morality.

    Once you get past the claims that the Frankfurt School is the source of Amorality and instead look at what they actually said you discover that they in fact were not laying out a strategy for making society go down hill but instead where predicting what Capitalism would do to our culture.

    And guess what they were right.

    We know live in a Dog eat Dog Society where money is the only virtue.

    This guy is just the latest example of how not caring for the mentally ill because it doesn’t make a profit.

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