The New Stim Plan

First I would like to apologize for I try to avoid as much of the news of the day as I can on weekends….I feel we already get mind numbing repartitions that I can take a break…..then occasionally there is a report that needs immediate attention…and this is one of those issues.

Congress has been working (I use the term loosely) on the plan for more pandemic economic stimulus……first it looks good….then it does not appear there will be a deal….and that is where we are today…..

An emerging $900 billion COVID-19 aid package from a bipartisan group of lawmakers has all but collapsed after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republican senators won’t support $160 billion in state and local funds as part of a potential trade-off in the deal. McConnell’s staff conveyed to top negotiators Thursday that the GOP leader sees no path to an agreement on a key aspect of the lawmakers’ existing proposal—a slimmed-down version of the liability shield he is seeking for companies and organizations facing potential COVID-19 lawsuits—in exchange for the state and local funds that Democrats want, the AP reports. The GOP leader criticized “controversial state bailouts” during a speech in the Senate. He insisted on a more targeted aid package.

The hardened stance from McConnell creates a new stalemate over the $900-billion-plus package, despite days of toiling by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to strike a compromise. Other legislative pile-ups now threaten Friday’s related business—a must-pass government funding bill. If it doesn’t clear Congress, that would trigger a federal government shutdown on Saturday. The breakdown over the COVID aid package, after days of behind-the-scenes talks by a group of lawmakers fed up with inaction, comes as President Trump has taken the talks in another direction—insisting on a fresh round of $600 stimulus checks for Americans. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchinm Trump’s top negotiator on COVID-19 financial aid, reported headway Thursday before the package from the bipartisan senators’ group fell apart.

Just what I would expect from the Senate….after all they are the large do-nothing branch of our government.

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