Saturday’s News

The weekend and I can finally return to posting on the stuff that does not make the news since the election and its results have sucked all the oxygen out of the cycle…..

First, did you know that in Saudi Arabia has passed a law telling you what names you cannot use for your children….

Saudi authorities have announced bans on names considered to violate Islamic Sharia law. The restrictions come amid Interior Ministry’s Civil Affairs Agency introducing new rules for registering names in the kingdom.

According to Gulf News, names such as Abd Rasul (the Slave of the Messenger) will not be registered. The common girls name Malak (angel) is also not allowed due to a related fatwa, or religious edict which prohibited it. The registration ban also extends to titles preceding names and nicknames.

Compound names such as Muhammad Saleh and Muhammad Mustafa are also no longer allowed in accordance with the new rules. It is tradition in several Arab countries to give a newborn a compound name either to commemorate two older relatives or out of custom to ward off the evil eye.

However the agency has not offered an official explanation for the move, although is likely due to religious conformity in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Saudi bans names deemed 'anti-Sharia'

Let’s go to Japan…the country that gave us the “love pillow” and the sex doll has come up with a new invention for those lonely people…..

Scientists from Japan’s Gifu University built a robot hand for men to clasp when they feel lonely.

The hand, dubbed “Osampo Kanojo,” which the engineers roughly translate to “My Girlfriend in Walk” in their research, is meant to feel and even smell like a romantic partner from the forearm down, according to CNET. The idea, supposedly, is to provide some comfort and companionship to the world’s lonely — especially in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seems like these inventors are trying to make human contact obsolete….just a thought.

I truly love eggs…..I cannot start a morning without my breakfast which will include eggs…..chicken eggs and duck eggs…but what about turkey eggs?  Why do we not see them in supermarkets?

Yes, turkey eggs are indeed edible – as some turkey farmers will tell you, they taste actually quite similar to the chicken egg. In fact, turkey eggs used to be a staple on menus across North America and Europe back in the 16th century where people would boil or simmer them. So why can’t we find turkey eggs in the grocery stores these days?

Turkeys Lay Eggs, So Why Don’t We Eat Them?

The finally thought comes into the category of….WHY?

Engineers at German carmaker BMW’s Designworks studio have created a chest-mounted set of electric impellers that allow a wingsuit to accelerate to a blistering 186 mph, New Atlas reports.

Rather than just gliding, like a conventional wingsuit, the BMW propulsion system can put out 20 horsepower, allowing its wearer to actually gain back altitude — albeit only as long as the suit’s limited charge lasts.

The maniacal invention has already been tested in specialized wing tunnels and has been used during 30 test jumps. During its first public demonstration, the suit allowed stuntman and daredevil Peter Salzmann to zip past the Del Brüder mountain peaks in the Austrian Alps.

Again I ask….WHY?

“lego ergo scribo”

7 thoughts on “Saturday’s News

  1. I would happily eat turkey eggs if they were sold, but you won’t find me holding a robot hand for comfort.
    As for Saudi Arabia, I think it is time for the world to begin to isolate that archaic country. Once nobody is no longer buying their oil, we might see it go back to the middle ages.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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