Covid-19: A Great Success Story

I wish this was a more upbeat post….but instead this is a post on just how damn pathetic the government response to this pandemic has been.

Pres. Trump has stated that the US got ahead of the virus and has had great success….

Great success?

1.1+ million cases…..65,000+ deaths……what part of that is a success?

Talk about propaganda and FAKE FUCKING NEWS!  (my apologizes for the language)

Donald the Orange is trying to end social distancing…..

President Trump is ready for the country to go back to the “way it was three months ago”—and that includes Trump rallies. The president said Wednesday that he is going to visit a facility making medical equipment in Arizona next week and hopes to go to Ohio “very soon,” NBC reports. Trump said he had been in the White House for “many months,” and while it is still too soon for big “stand-next-to-each-other crowds” at campaign rallies, “we’re going to start to move around and hopefully in the not-too-distant future, we’ll have some massive rallies and people will be sitting next to each other.” Trump said the federal “30 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines will not be extended after they expire Thursday, reports the Guardian.

The guidelines will be “fading out because now the governors are doing it,” Trump said. Vice President Mike Pence said the guidelines are now part of federal guidance on when and how states can reopen. Trump’s medical advisers have called for a gradual reopening, but Trump said Wednesday that he wants it to happen as soon as possible. “If I watch Alabama play LSU, I don’t want to see 20,000 people instead of 120,000 people,” he said. Senior adviser Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, said Wednesday that the “federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story,” the AP reports. He predicted that the country will be “really rocking again” by July.

Good boy Jared…lie for the slug of a father-in-law…..


I thought is was April?

Just a reminder…..Donald has predicted up to 70,000 deaths…..

President Trump is projecting that coronavirus deaths in the United States could reach 70,000, higher than the 60,000 he has at times cited this month as the estimate of how many people would die from COVID-19. But he said original projections were much higher as he explained why voters should consider re-electing him in November, the AP reports. Trump was asked during a White House news conference on Monday whether an American president deserved to be re-elected after losing more Americans in six weeks than died in the Vietnam War. Approximately 58,000 US troops were killed during the Vietnam War; the number of dead in the US from COVID-19 has surpassed 56,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Trump said the nation has lost a lot of people. “But if you look at what original projections were—2.2 million—we’re probably heading to 60,000 to 70,000,” he said. “It’s far too many. One person is too many for this. And I think we’ve made a lot of really good decisions. The big decision was closing the border or doing the ban, people coming in from China.” Trump was referring to a pandemic forecast from the Imperial College London that predicted 1.5 million to 2.2 million deaths in the United States in a worst-case scenario, without efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus through social distancing. Politico notes Trump’s 60,000 figure came from a different model, this one from the University of Washington.

We are closing in on Trump’s prediction…..will it miraculous go away when 70,000 is met?

Not to worry his response has been a “great success”…..

The only success that I see is that this pandemic has given more wealth to the wealthy……

I Read, I Write, You Know

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17 thoughts on “Covid-19: A Great Success Story

      1. Does not sound terrible just an accurate observation… you see why I have the sign “Can’t fix stupid” in my office. chuq

  1. I’m sure if you had 250,000 dead, he would still get re-elected. He is a ‘larger than life’ figure that a certain (very large) section of the American public are attracted to.
    He makes mistakes. So do they.
    He boasts and blusters. So do they.
    He spouts nonsense. So do they.
    He makes racist and sexist remarks. So do they.
    He doesn’t like foreign countries much. Neither do they.
    He blames it all on China. So do they.
    He wants to let them keep their guns. They want to keep them.
    I could go on, but you get the idea. I am not in the least surprised that his popularity is increasing again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I am waiting for the torchlight parades to begin … and I can envision the rise of “The Trump Youth.” When do we get to see his face on a coin? Surely it is coming! I wonder if somebody will set some big government building on fire and blame it on the homeless or the elderly or some other un-necessary group.

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