How To Buy A Campaign

We all know that it takes lots of cash to run for any office but especially for president it takes millions and millions….and I have been bitching for decades that money should not decide the best candidate……

The latest story about them 2020 Dem pursuit of the nomination has given us an example of just why money is the bane of democracy…..

Billionaire Steyer is spending his money and others but he has made it to the debate stage for January……..

And then there were six. On Thursday morning, just Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren had met polling and fundraising requirements to participate in Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Iowa. By Thursday evening, there was a new entry: businessman Tom Steyer, who Politico notes was able to take advantage of a surge in two early-state polls to qualify. In the first of two Fox News polls released late Thursday, Steyer ties for third with Warren with 12% among Democratic caucusgoers, behind Biden at 23% and Sanders at 17%. In the second poll, out of South Carolina, Steyer jumps to second with 15%, though he’s way behind Biden at 36%; Sanders and Warren come in at 14% and 10%, respectively. Buttigieg placed fifth in both polls, with 6% in Nevada and 4% in South Carolina.

Candidates can qualify polling-wise by Friday night’s deadline by reaching 5% in four DNC-approved polls, or 7% in two early-state polls. What likely helped push Steyer into debate contender territory in these two polls, per Politico: the $21.5 million he’s forked over in both states for direct-mail appeals and TV and radio ads. Steyer has spent $116 million on TV ads overall, reports the Washington Post, which compares his strategy with that of Mike Bloomberg, this campaign season’s other big spender. Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang are the only other candidates who appear to have a chance to meet all requirements by Friday night’s debate deadline, but Politico says it doesn’t look likely. At least one more poll—the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom survey—will be released before the door is shut.

Steyer has shot up in the polls because of the cash he spending in media….another candidate that is shooting up is Bloomberg and he as well is spending lots of cash on the media to gain in the polls.

Let’s not forget that Steyer is NOT the only billionaire in the race……Bloomberg is also willing to spend millions even billions to win this race….

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is apparently willing to become slightly less of a billionaire in his effort to escort Donald Trump from the Oval Office, and the New York Times reports that he’s willing to spend $1 billion from his personal fortune—even if he is not the Democratic nominee. “I really don’t agree with them,” he says of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, “but I’d still support them, yes, because compared to Donald Trump that’s easy.” The candidate, entirely self-funded, has already burned through $200 million in his late entry to the race, and the Times notes that he’s on a path to equal former President Obama’s entire 2012 spending by March. “You know how much money a billion dollars is?” he says. “It’s a lot of money to me. It’s a lot of money to anybody.” Bloomberg, for the record, is reportedly worth about $57 billion.

Bloomberg is taking criticism, particularly from Warren, who would like to take money out of politics, that he’s trying to buy the nomination. He shrugs, telling Reuters, “these are just political things they say, hoping they catch on and they don’t like me doing it, because it competes with them, not because it’s bad policy.” One major buy: A Super Bowl ad, which Trump is also buying at a reported $10 million for 60 seconds. “You can’t get to 330 million people by shaking hands. Television is still the magic medium,” Bloomberg says. “If the Super Bowl wasn’t a place to get to an awful lot of people they wouldn’t be charging a lot, or nobody would be paying it. This is capitalism at work.”

Shame that it comes down to money and not issues….but that is typical for a presidential contest.  Cash and slogans is about all there is to most campaigns…..GOP or Dem not much difference….

My take is that we Americans get the worse government money will buy.

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3 thoughts on “How To Buy A Campaign

  1. There is something to what you say here, but who would want some poor, half-educated idiot with no money at all to become President?

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