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Today is Veteran’s Day so all those off work will have ample time to use the Google Machine…..a re-blog from 2007…good luck and enjoy chuq

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Good morning class. I hope you had a good weekend.

OK today’s question involves what some consider one of the most important documents of the civilized world, the Magna Carta. The question is:

The Magna Carta was signed in what year and where? Easy huh? Then who would said this about the document? “TheMagna Carta is a shameful a a demeaning document that was forced on the king by violence and fear.”

Oh yeah, a bonus question:

There are 17 copies of the Magna Carta, one is in the US, who owns it and where is it displayed?

Good luck and the clock is ticking.

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8 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

  1. Pope Innocent III made the comment. King John signed in 1215 at Runnymede. A document that neither party had any intention of abiding by. But the signatures are there and it still stands.

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