Why Camp David?

Closing Thought–09Sep19

There was an attempt to hold secret talks between the US and the Taleban on the possibility of a peace agreement…..and dear Mr. Trump decided to cancel the meeting…

Many months of tough negotiations between US and Taliban officials came to a draft agreement which some analysts believe was going to be formally finalized as a peace deal this weekend. That will not happen.

President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday announcing that he has “called off peace negotiations” with the Taliban, citing anger over one of the Taliban’s car bombings in Kabul last week.

Trump also revealed that he had planned secret talks with both Afghan President Ghani and Taliban leaders at Camp David, but that in the course of his new decision, he had canceled those meetings as well.

It is unclear, then, whether Trump’s saying he “called off” the negotiations just refers to this weekend, or to the entire process. The US State Department was unclear, and referred questions to the White House.


Everybody scrambled to defend the president’s decision……of course they are spin it to the point that they, Taleban, has been killing Americans and to hold such a meeting with a group that [protected the group that attacked on 9/11.

Now there is the reason…….it was a political decision nothing else.

It would have been used against Trump in the upcoming 2020 election….so all the “reasons” were just fluff…the real reason was a electoral decision.

The spin is to cover the fact that the president is a moron for even considering such a meeting just days before any 9/11 remembrances…..these meetings would appear to be a spit in the faces of those that died on 9/11….just think of the ammo he would give to his opponent in 2020….

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7 thoughts on “Why Camp David?

    1. I understand why everyone is upset about this. I’m upset about this. Yes the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11, but they are another murderous terrorist organization who has taken countless lives. The idea of them setting foot on American soil, let alone meeting at Camp David gives them a gravitas that they don’t deserve.

      And don’t get me started on the Saudis never being held accountable for 9/11!🤬

  1. If that isn’t enough… today it’s being reported that there was a secret successful CIA mission to remove a Russian asset close to Putin because Trump had been “spilling the beans” conveying intel-gathered information to the Russians on various occassions (the meeting with those two in the Oval Office and at the Trump/Putin meet where Trump hid all the transcripts) and thus exposing this asset. Clear & present danger to the security of the nation? Damn straight. Been saying this since Jan. 2017.

  2. This one definitely has me flummoxed. Why would he even consider any deal with the Taliban possible ? He was smart enough to break out of the Iran deal which I fully support so why would he think lying murdering Taliban would be trustworthy ? Been seeing a lot on how thankful ordinary Afghanistanis for our presence. Bombing attacks are fewer and girls are going to school again. They don’t want the oppression of the Taliban. Once again I offer that in Afghanistan the real dynamic is who is going to control the opium/heroin trade there.

    1. It is not about trust…it is about politics….a deal would be a feather in his 2020 cap. Besides he trusts Putin and Kim the Taleban is about as murderous as those two chuq

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