Love–Duncan Hunter Style

There are times that politicians show their human side and succumb to the primal needs….Gary Hart comes to mind….. even those accusations against our current standing president……and then there is California’s Duncan Hunter…..seems he got caught with his fingers in the campaign pie to pay for his love travels…..

US Rep. Duncan Hunter of California illegally used campaign money to finance romantic flings with lobbyists and congressional aides, spending thousands of dollars on meals, cocktails, and vacations, federal prosecutors say. A government court filing Monday detailed allegations about the married Republican congressman’s affairs with five women following an indictment last year charging Hunter and his wife with misspending more than $200,000 in campaign funds on trips and other personal expenses, the AP reports. Margaret Hunter, who served as the six-term congressman’s campaign chairwoman, pleaded guilty this month to one count of corruption and agreed to testify against her husband.

In the new motion, prosecutors reconstructed Rep. Hunter’s alleged clandestine lifestyle, providing times when he arrived for and left liaisons and listing a range of expenses he represented as campaign-related activity, such as paying for dates with a woman who had become his lover shortly after she started working in his office. He used his campaign treasury for even seemingly incidental purchases—a $7 beer at a hotel bar while on a ski trip with one of the women, and an Uber ride after a liaison with another lobbyist in October 2015. The government’s filing suggested that Hunter tapped into campaign funds because he had no other money to finance his romantic relationships. During a weekend ski trip with a lobbyist, his personal bank account had a negative balance and he had been hit with $33 fees six times for overdrawing the account, prosecutors said

Yet another turn… is rumored that his attorneys will ask for the trial to be moved to a district that voted for Trump.  This guy even threw his son under the bus and accused him of taking money (not for sex like his father but for vid games)…looks like his wife threw him under the bus…..what a great loving family.

It is bad enough that the GOP wants to pick who their voters are with gerrymandering and now they want to decide who gets justice and who does not.

What a pathetic party that allows this sort of crime to continue in its ranks.

8 thoughts on “Love–Duncan Hunter Style

  1. “What a pathetic party that allows this sort of crime to continue in its ranks.”

    What a preposterous and absurd statement in light of 900 sanctuary cities and a dozen sanctuary states all led by democrats in defiance of the federal government and federal statutes and who also prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal law enforcement. ! They have resurrected the pre Civil War doctrine of nullification and we are in the midst of the greatest Constitutional crisis ( a real one not an imaginary one for the sake of rhetoric) since the Civil War. They are criminals and traitors all.

    1. Only absurdity is the GOP that pretends to be so righteous and pious and looks the other way……only traitors are in the White House and a good read of the Constitution will illustrate why I say that….but t6henm that would mean using a brain that is in neutral chuq

  2. Noting unusual about corrupt politicians using official money for social activities, and women.
    I reckon that probably started in Ancient Rome. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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