Time To Re-Think This War Thing

2020 is around the corner and maybe it is time to find a candidate that is willing to re-think the war thing.

I think the days of massive armies meeting on the field of battle are gone……at least that is the way of thinking that the US masters of war are thinking……their lopsided wins over Saddam on two occasions has them settled into this superiority complex that will defeat us eventually.

For instance while the US is laser focused on defeating non-state entities (and losing the high ground) our super power adversaries have been looking at ways to get around the US.

For the first time in decades, it is possible to imagine the United States fighting—and possibly losing—a large-scale war with a great power. For generations of Americans accustomed to U.S. military superiority and its ability to deter major wars, the idea of armed conflict between great powers may seem highly improbable. The idea that the United States—with the most expensive armed forces in the world by a wide margin—might lose such a war would seem absolutely preposterous. Nevertheless, the possibility of war and U.S. defeat are real and growing.

Given that U.S. armed forces’ last major conventional combat operations were the massively lopsided victories against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 1991 and 2003, many Americans might be wondering how this could come to pass. This report makes the case that one salient issue is that the American way of war—the implicit and explicit mental framework for U.S. military strategy and operations—that coalesced after the Gulf War is no longer valid.

China and Russia have spent almost two decades studying the current American way of war. While the Department of Defense (DoD) has taken its military superiority for granted and focused on defeating nonstate adversaries, China and Russia have been devising strategies and developing new concepts and weapons to defeat the United States in a war should the need arise. They have offset their relative weakness versus the United States by using time and geography to their advantage and by focusing their weapons- and concept-development efforts on finding ways to attack vulnerable nodes in U.S. military operations. The goal of these strategies and concepts is to create a plausible theory of victory whereby China or Russia avoid a “fair fight” with the Joint Force and could therefore defeat the United States and its allies and partners in a regional war. These Chinese and Russian strategies, which once seemed implausible or far in the future, are beginning to pay off. They are shifting military balances in key regions and pushing allies and partners to reconsider U.S. security guarantees.

All aspects of war should be studied and practiced…for the US never knows from where the next “major” threat will be presented to us.

10 thoughts on “Time To Re-Think This War Thing

  1. We’ve certainly lost the “control our own borders war”. We have also lost the “nullification” war as sanctuary cities and states remain in defiance and insurrection against federal law. We are much much weaker than we appear. We are losing the war on drugs too. Among the dem candidates I can’t envision a single one as commander in chief.

    1. I do not see any compassion as a weakness……we were never intended to win the war on drugs….it was a good excuse for more federal spending….my dog would be a better commander in chief than the one we have now…..and my other dog would be a better Dem candidate than the ones we have…..chuq

  2. Well if they are 35 years old and natural born let’s have them jump into the race. I would seriously consider supporting a yellow lab comfort dog. The one I had 35 years ago was the most loyal and trustworthy “person” I’ve ever met.

  3. War with China? We would quickly sink each other’s fleets. And bomb cities. Can’t see us putting ground troops in China or them putting troops here.

      1. Believe we should get use to the idea that China will have a much larger economy then we will. And not fight it.

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