Designer Babies–Pros?

I try to be as neutral as I can be on some subjects….I try to give both sides of an issue so the reader can make up their own mind.

There have been several SciFi movies and TV series that have touched on the subject of genetic engineering of humans…think Khan Noonien Singh…..

Because I a m an opinionated SOB I have written about thise subject and let my thoughts be known over the past decade or so…..

Yeah, I had a lot to say on the subject……most of which was in opposition….so in the sense of fairness I have read a report in support of “designer kids”……

Soon, some of you will try to make “better babies.”

Already, people pay labs to examine embryos so they can pick ones with DNA they like. Some screen for gender or eye color. Some screen out certain diseases.

So far, they’ve been limited to selecting genes that exist in the parents. They haven’t designed genes. But that is about to change.

Chinese scientists recently altered DNA in human embryos.

The designed babies—twin sisters—were born with immunity to common strains of HIV, claims the scientist responsible. (The added gene might also shorten lifespans. Most scientists say it’s too soon to gene-edit humans safely.)

The Case for Designer Babies

I know the good this could do…..but I also know the greed of the human race and that will lead to this process being misused in search of higher profits.

7 thoughts on “Designer Babies–Pros?

  1. I wonder what happens when they start to screen out diseases? Everyone lives too long for a start, so that won’t work. Messing with nature by using medicine to alleviate suffering is one thing. But playing around with the very essence of human life is a slippery slope.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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