Debate Night Is Set!

20 For 2020!

In about two weeks the first debates of the 2020 election cycle……Dems have a plethora of candidates to choose from….every flavor of Democrat available……female, gay, centrist, Leftist, Old White guys. African-American, Asian, Hispanic, mayors, Senators, etc etc…….all that is missing is a Partridge In A Pear Tree.

And the voting Dems have not made up their minds yet (I have but then I am not that typical) according to most reports……

Ahead of the first 2020 debates beginning in two weeks, a majority of Democratic voters are undecided or are open to changing their first choice. Twenty Democratic candidates will argue their case, with ten candidates each spread out over two nights in Miami June 26-27. Interest in the contest remains remarkably high while certainty around its outcome remains much lower than sometimes acknowledged.

There is the reality of currently undecided voters. Beyond that, the vast majority who have settled on a first choice candidate have indicated, when asked, that their support for that first choice is soft. They continue to consider other candidates, often multiple other candidates, or state that they may change their mind. The most recent SSRS/CNN pollputs the number of voters who may change their mind at 55%. A May 18-21 poll by YouGov noted that nearly 3 in 4 likely Democratic primary voters either have not settled on a first choice or are considering more than one candidate. A state poll in North Carolina released by Emerson has 62% indicating that they may change their mind. Emerson removes undecideds from their poll numbers before reporting. This means that closer to three-quarters undecided or willing to change their mind is realistic. 80% of likely Democratic caucus attenders in this weekend’s Selzer poll in Iowa named a second choice candidate when asked.

The roster has been set for the stages on the 26 and 27 of June…..

The Democratic National Committee announced Thursday that 20 candidates have qualified for the party’s first presidential debates later this month. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts were the only major candidates out of the two dozen Democratic hopefuls who failed to meet the polling or grassroots fundraising measures required to get a debate spot. Two lesser-known candidates, former Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska and Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam, also missed the cutoff, the AP reports. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who had been on the bubble, both made the debate based on polling measures. The campaign’s opening debates, June 26-27 in Miami, will offer a prime opportunity for many White House hopefuls to reshape a race defined in recent weeks by former Vice President Joe Biden’s domination of polls.

An NBC News drawing Friday will divide the field between the first and second debate night. Party officials have promised to weight the drawing with the intention of ensuring that top-tier and lagging candidates are spread roughly evenly over the two nights. Those assignments will determine the debate strategies for many campaigns. Candidates will have to decide whether to go after front-runners such as Biden, challenge others in the pack or stand out by remaining above the fray. They must also decide how much to focus on President Trump. The polling and fundraising thresholds will remain the same for the July debates over two nights in Detroit. But the polling and fundraising marks will double for the third and fourth debates in September and October: Candidates will have to meet both marks instead of one or the other

As the elections and primaries move closer the more the DNC will push for certain candidates to participate……I have said before and nothing has changed…..I do not appreciate the DNC deciding who the candidates will be regardless of the number that are trying for the nomination… should be up to the voter to decide these things not a bunch of professional liars and cowards in the DNC.

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5 thoughts on “Debate Night Is Set!

    1. I see it as the only Americans will be exposed to new thinking….without them they will just listen to however is closest to them….chuq

  1. My opinion is that the top ten leaders in the polls should be in the first debate and the rest should be in the second.

    If all the declared candidates were allowed in the debate it could become a pretty large and meaningless exercise.

    There must be rules for getting your name on the ballot. Same rules should apply for getting in the debate. Not sure what the rules are to get on the ballot. Maybe just file a form and pay a fee.

    1. The polls are fed by the media and they only want certain candidates as I have written… my post it explains what they must do to get there….chuq

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