Taxing The Rich!

It is TAX DAY!

OMG! That is almost blasphemous these days.

The lie spread is that the less tax the wealthy pay to more economic activity they produce and in turn the better the Middle Class and workers will do.

Pause here for the inevitable dash to the Google machine……..

Just about every viable candidate for the Dems has some plan or other to tax the rich so at least we get something from these people….Warren, AOC, Bernie, Yang et al… is a popular meme for Dems this cycle.

The 1990s Democratic Party made friends with the rich. The 2008 Democratic Party was eager to bail them out. The 2019 Democratic Party seems ready to declare war.

In just the past few months, at least three major Democratic Party figures, two of whom are presidential contenders, have proposed large tax increases targeted at the richest Americans:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) floated a big increase in top marginal income tax rates in an interview on 60 Minutes. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) proposed an annual wealth tax. Sen. Bernie Sanders. (I-VT) proposed a drastic hike in the estate tax.

There is a way and there is a desire by the people to see the rich to start paying their share of the American Dream……

How successful will these people be in this endeavor?

If you listen close enough you can hear the big guns of corproate America being prepared for war.

2020 is the voters chance to change the course of the crumbling America……but do they have the guts to step up for change or will they roll over like they have been doing since the 1990s?

20 thoughts on “Taxing The Rich!

    1. A flat tax with NO deductions….I kinda like Land Value Tax as well as a VAT…it depends on the tax proposal that takes shape in 2020……chuq

      1. Lobotero, why not have everything be taxed at 15%, be it earned income or capital gains? As for the estate tax, I do not support it at the federal level. Having said that, if the individual states want to make their own laws on this issue, I see no real issue there.

      2. I would support a 15% on everything……but I would rather see the LVT….if done properly most other taxes can be eliminated. chuq

      3. I could also support that. Assuming we went with a flat income tax at the federal level, what taxes could we have that would make up the difference in lost revenue in your opinion?

      4. I believe if all pays their tax then there would be money enough for most programs….with the exception of endless wars…..chuq

      5. Let me save some time….I would like to see a Land Value Tax…maybe then other taxes could be eliminated….but that is a long way off….chuq

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