All Those ‘Freeloaders’!

Closing Thought–13May21

We hear daily from the Trump Party about all those freeloaders that are getting off easy by getting their relief money and benefits…..that they are worthless because they use their money for luxury things like food, shelter and other necessities to live…..they are denigrated daily.

But not a word is said about those GOPers that pissed the money away….

California prosecutors are investigating abuse of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the loans given to businesses suffering under the economic crisis ushered in from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the New York Times, one person used the government handouts to purchase a Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari.

“The man, Mustafa Qadiri, 38, of Irvine, was indicted by a federal grand jury on four counts of bank fraud, four counts of wire fraud, one count of aggravated identity theft and six counts of money laundering, the U.S. attorney in the Central District of California announced,” said the Times.

An OpenSecrets search of Mr. Qadiri revealed he was an active Republican donor, who owns a venture capital firm, All American Capital Holdings, LLC.

Once again this shows that the working stiffs in this country are the drag on society and the wealthy get all the benefits.

At what point do the American people wake the Hell up?

Time for that change that we all keep dreaming of with no help coming…..time for that to end.

Turn The Page!

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Closing Thought–22Jul20

This pandemic has done major damage to the working class…..they have seen the wages disappear and their livelihood shrink to nothing. In other words it has been devastating to the economy….well not so devastating for some…..some have made out like bandits without guns…..

How wonderful!  I am so glad that billionaires keep making lots of cash while the rest of society suffers.

Time for society to fight back.

Time for these slackers to do their part for this society.

The time has come……period!

Have you been impressed with the Dems handling of the economic pandemic?

Re-think your “atta boys”…..

Some 25 million US workers are facing a reduction or outright elimination of a $600 weekly federal addition to state unemployment benefits when the supplemental payment authorized by Congress under the CARES Act expires on July 25.

In the midst of a raging pandemic and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with at least 30 million out of work and new jobless claims surpassing one million a week, the supplement is all that has been keeping many families above water. Coinciding with the impending end of a federal moratorium on evictions and the expiration of state moratoriums, the cut in jobless pay will propel millions into destitution and homelessness.

One survey found that 37 percent of renters and 26 percent of homeowners feared they could be homeless by the end of the year. Researchers at Columbia University say they expect US homelessness to increase by 45 percent compared to 2019.

STOP! believing the hype that Dems are the friends of the working class….it is a CON!

A closing thought…..we know how much Trump hates China and has gone out of his way to sanction them, right?

If that is true why has he ordered about 8 tons of stuff?

President Donald Trump’s US properties imported more than eight tons of Chinese goods since September, according to a CNN analysis. 

More than six tons of tables were shipped to Trump International Hotel in New York last fall and two tons of cabinets were delivered to Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles in May, CNN reported.

On the 2016 campaign trail and throughout his presidency, Trump has accused China of unfair trade practices and pledged to address the trade deficit between the two countries.

As part of his “America First” policy, Trump entered a months-long tariff war with Beijing and has pressured American companies to redirect their business within the U.S.

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Closing Thought–11May20

Some bastards are making out like bandits thanks for the pandemic….and many of them are Trump supporters…..

Fracking billionaire and Trump donor Harold Hamm was among an elite group of oil and gas executives who met with the president in early April to press for federal help, including access to big loans for businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. It prompted Trump afterwards to promise to “make funds available to these very important companies”.

Major Trump ally Tommy Fisher, who last year landed a $400m Army Corps of Engineers contract to build 31 miles of Trump’s border wall in Arizona, in April received another $7m from the army – despite an active investigation by a Pentagon watchdog into allegations of favoritism after Trump reportedly pushed for Fisher.

Another big Trump donor, Mike Lindell, the chief executive of MyPillow and the chair of Trump’s campaign in Minnesota, got red-carpet treatment from Trump at a press briefing in late March. Lindell then praised Trump, hailing him as “chosen by God” as the president touted the firm’s efforts to make thousands of face masks.

These people are dealing in death… is that simple……

In defiance of overwhelming popular opposition, the Trump administration, a majority of state governments, multi-billion-dollar corporations and Wall Street financial interests are driving ahead with plans for a rapid reopening of the US economy.

The auto industry is leading the charge for a premature and deadly return to work. Succumbing to massive political and economic pressure, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has sanctioned today’s resumption of production by auto parts suppliers and tool and die shops. Major auto companies intend to resume production in the state next week.

Honda is resuming production today throughout the United States and Canada. This includes plants in Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Georgia and Alabama.

These people should be set out and boycotted for their part as purveyors of BS and ass kissers from the Trump squad.


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Trump And His Base

This virus has shown the public who Trump really working to help…….

The MSM and its pundits tell us daily during this election season that the Trump base are those voters in the Rust Belt and Middle America……I disagree.

To me everything the president has done since entering into office has been designed for his real base……billionaires.

Don’t blame the Trump presidency on the white proletariat. The real responsibility for this epically transgressive administration—headed by an individual Noam Chomsky rightly describes as “the most dangerous criminal in human history”—lies with the billionaire class.

According to a mainstream media myth long believed by intellectuals who ought to know better, Donald Trump rode into the White House on a great upsurge of support from poor, white, working-class voters drawn to the Republican candidate’s populist anti-Wall Street pitch in key deindustrialized battleground states. This conventional Rust Belt rebellion wisdom was proclaimed on the front page of the nation’s newspaper of record, The New York Times, a day after the 2016 election. The Times called Trump’s victory “a decisive demonstration of power by a largely overlooked coalition of mostly blue-collar white and working-class voters.” That same day, Times political writer Nate Cohn wrote that “Donald J. Trump won the presidency by riding an enormous wave of support among working-class whites.

This storyline — repeated ad nauseam and taken for granted in the mainstream media and even in much of the progressive left—is flatly contradicted by credible data. There was no mass white working-class outpouring for Trump in 2016. Slate writers Konstantin Kilibarda and Daria Roithmayr noted weeks after the election: “Donald Trump didn’t flip working-class white voters,” they wrote. “Hillary Clinton lost them. … Relative to the 2012 election, Democratic support in the key Rust Belt states [Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin] collapsed as a huge number of Democrats stayed home or (to a lesser extent) voted for a third party.”

The media owned by billionaires is telling a tale that they want the voter to believe and trust……as usual they are lying to us!

This election like most election is just a battle of corporations for control…..while the corporations get the gravy and the people get the skim at the bottom of the pie.

One last question……why does a cruise ship get cash…..they sail under foreign flags…..and they will get American cash……why?

Death total from this virus has hit 1,000… many more must die to protect stupid?

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2020–Are You Sick Of These F*ckers Yet?

Warren and Sanders have started the billionaires to shake in their tidy whities……it is the tax thing.

Warren has said she would pay for Medicare For All with a tax on billionaires… “taxes on big corporations, Wall Street, and the top 1%…… Her plan, posted online

The plan sent a quiver through the wealthy old boys club……Gates, Cooperman and Bloomberg are thinking they know best simply because they have money to burn……I for one am not buying their crap….

Gates started whining….

Bill Gates to her list of critics. At a forum Wednesday, Gates didn’t sound thrilled about Warren’s idea to increase taxes on billionaires, and his criticism caught her attention. The details:

What he said: “I’ve paid over $10 billion in taxes,” Gates said at the New York Times DealBook conference, per the Guardian. “If I had to pay $20 billion, it’s fine. But when you say I should pay $100 billion, then I’m starting to do a little math over what I have left over.” He eventually added, “Sorry, I’m just kidding.”

Gates did more than criticize Warren’s tax policy. “I’m not sure how open minded she is—or that she’d even be willing to sit down with somebody who has large amounts of money,” he said, per Mediaite. And when asked who he would support in a hypothetical matchup of Warren vs. President Trump, he declined to say. “Whoever I decide will have the more professional approach in the current situation, probably is the thing I will weigh the most,” he said. “And I hope that the more professional candidate is an electable candidate.”

More professional?  What the Hell does that meas?  Is it code?

Next up is a billionaire named Cooperman….

Warren is clashing with billionaire investor Leon Cooperman, who sent her a critical letter and called out her “vilification of the rich.” In harsh terms, he said to Politico, “This is the f—ing American dream she is s—-ing on.”

He sounds like a parasite that is afraid of losing his host.

Now the perennial candidate Mike Bloomberg is joining the whining by billionaires that would have to pay more taxes…..but as usual he is thinking about running for president…..

Bloomberg flirted with a presidential run earlier this year, visiting early voting states and conducting extensive polling. He ultimately decided against a run, citing in part the apparent strength of former Vice President Joe Biden, a fellow moderate. But Bloomberg is said to have become increasingly worried about the direction of the Democratic primary as more liberal candidates like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren have gained in popularity. In a statement on Thursday, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the former mayor is worried that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is “not well positioned” to defeat Trump.

Bloomberg has become a “media whore” he will do anything to try and get his mug on the tellie…..

When will the American people tire of the constant whinbing by the greedy class trying to fuck the country and horde their cash?

I think it is interesting that these billionaires think they have a better plan for governing this country….and if I am not mistaken there was a billionaire that felt the same way in 2016….and look how that has worked out.

These people said the same things about the taxes of the Obama years….

How sad that these people are so insecure that they feel that the government owes them something above the benefits they all get while raping the economy.

The MSM is helping the whiners above all else because the corporate owned news loves the center….

Politico, John F. Harris makes the case that the mainstream media is biased against Warren because “journalists love the center.” Republicans complain of a liberal bias, but Harris says they have it wrong. “The more pervasive force shaping coverage of Washington and elections is what might be thought of as centrist bias, flowing from reporters and sources alike … a conviction that politics should be a tidier and more rational process than it usually is.” What’s wrong about this view is when real change happens, it rarely comes from the center, he adds.

You want change?

It never comes from the “Center”.

Enough already!  Besides the Dems already have enough billionaires in this race.

Ask yourself one question…can a person living in the lap of luxury have any idea what the Middle class and poor go through daily?

Anything more pathetic than the uber-rich pretending that they want to save our democracy?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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Taxing The Rich!

It is TAX DAY!

OMG! That is almost blasphemous these days.

The lie spread is that the less tax the wealthy pay to more economic activity they produce and in turn the better the Middle Class and workers will do.

Pause here for the inevitable dash to the Google machine……..

Just about every viable candidate for the Dems has some plan or other to tax the rich so at least we get something from these people….Warren, AOC, Bernie, Yang et al… is a popular meme for Dems this cycle.

The 1990s Democratic Party made friends with the rich. The 2008 Democratic Party was eager to bail them out. The 2019 Democratic Party seems ready to declare war.

In just the past few months, at least three major Democratic Party figures, two of whom are presidential contenders, have proposed large tax increases targeted at the richest Americans:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) floated a big increase in top marginal income tax rates in an interview on 60 Minutes. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) proposed an annual wealth tax. Sen. Bernie Sanders. (I-VT) proposed a drastic hike in the estate tax.

There is a way and there is a desire by the people to see the rich to start paying their share of the American Dream……

How successful will these people be in this endeavor?

If you listen close enough you can hear the big guns of corproate America being prepared for war.

2020 is the voters chance to change the course of the crumbling America……but do they have the guts to step up for change or will they roll over like they have been doing since the 1990s?

Oligarchs Rule!

More good news for the nation (sarcasm)…….

We hear a lot about oligarchy these days…..the oligarchs ruling Russia….even they control everything here in the good old US of A.

There is some disturbing news out there…..things are NOT getting any better for us mere mortals…..the oligarchs will control 70% of the wealth very very soon…..

America’s rich just won’t quit getting richer, according to a new study released in mid-June by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm. The study, which seeks to analyze the global wealth management industry, as well as the evolution of private wealth, uncovered some startling statistics that suggest that global financial inequality will grow significantly by the year 2021.

The firm found that the already massive gap between the world’s wealthy elite – the approximately 18 million households that hold at least more than $1 million in assets – and everyone else is continuing to widen at a remarkable rate. The estimated 70 million people who make up these households were found to control 45 percent of the world’s $166.5 trillion in wealth. And in just four more years, it is estimated that they will control more than half of the world’s wealth, despite representing less than 1 percent of the world’s current population.

Source: America’s Oligarchs Will Control 70% Of National Wealth By 2021

So if you buy into the slogan America First then you are being duped… should be….Greed First, People Last.

And it is only getting worse with each election…..soon we will be a country of slaves and masters…..thank GOD I am old!

Bowing to America’s Oligarchs

Ever noticed that the media has no problem calling out “oligarchs” in other countries but for some reason seem to remain silent on the ones here in the US….as if we do not have them…..after all we are a republican democracy….

The people in this country know we have these parasites but our media is working tirelessly to convince us that we are immune to such diseases.

Apparently, other countries, but not the U.S., have oligarchs. Billionaire and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker came and went to the National Press Club with hardly a tough question on Monday.

I’d submitted several questions, but first a word on the choreography of the event: Virtually every “news maker” event I recall seeing at the Press Club had the speaker at the head table which is on a stage a few feet up, speaking at a podium. This event, it was just her and the moderator, Press Club President Thomas Burr on two cushy chairs on the stage, with the “head table” below them. Whether this was to elevate the two of them, save her the trouble of having prepared remarks, or perhaps a new thing, an attempt to cast the billionaire in a more casual light — inspired by Davos-type events — I don’t know. But it was weird. [See video and PDF.]

Source: Bowing to America’s Oligarchs – Consortiumnews

America cannot move forward until a solution to this problem is created…..

How the Rich Control Policymaking

It is election time and we Americans are doing what we always do……we blame the rich for all the bad decisions that this country makes.  Even though we hear that we have a voice and we can be heard if we interact with our representatives…….well sports fans that is damn right FALSE!

How many times have you heard your Congress person say that they need to hear from you so that they may lay out the proper tract for any issue?

The truth is that your voice is very low and almost none existent…..the rich control the policymakers…..I know we all know this already……but how do they control the process?

New research shows the power of the wealthiest Americans to impose their preferences….

The United States of America is a democratic country. Over the past few decades, however, important questions about policy and budgets have been decided overwhelmingly against the interests and preferences of the middle and working classes. When the preferences of the rich and the middle class come into conflict, the rich tend to win.

Matt Grossmann, a political scientist and the director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University, is working on a project to expand upon the work of Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, whose bombshell paper last year revealed the impact of economic inequality on public opinion in the U.S. As part of his research, Grossmann examined 50 proposals in the Gilens data set on which opinions between the wealthiest Americans and the median voter diverged the most.

Source: How the Rich Control Policymaking | Al Jazeera America

We can bitch about this from now until the cows go to Benghazi……for it will not change….why?  Americans do not truly want it to change.  Proof?  Just look at the voting for the last 25 years….your answer is there.

What’s The Angle?

I recall a few years back when multi-millionaire Warren Buffet announced that he would give away his fortune……I thought “what a nice guy” and then I thought “what’s the angle”?

Then shortly after Buffet’s announcement came a similar one from Gates……that he would donate his fortune to help others not so fortunate….and again I thought “what’s the angle”?

Just this week another multi-millionaire has announced a similar desire for his fortune…….and again I asked that same question…..something smells like bad fish…….

The announcement by Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg that they’ll donate 99% of their Facebook shares—$45 billion at today’s value—to a foundation they created with the birth of their daughter isn’t being met with universal praise. Some examples:

  • ‘Big waste’: “It sounds angelic, but it will probably end up being, mostly, a big waste,” writes Sam Biddle at Gawker. For one thing, the money is going to the Zuckerbergs’ own foundation instead of, say, Oxfam, and the broad goals of “advancing human potential and promoting equality” are mushy. “Does anyone really want to experience ‘100 times more than we do today,’ whatever that entails?” asks Biddle. “Do you want to be ‘connected’ to literally every ‘idea’ and ‘person’ in the world? This is a technocrat’s dream and an actual normal human being’s nightmare.” It’s emblematic of the code-fixes-all philosophy of Silicon Valley, “and Zuckerberg’s massive giveaway will clearly be predicated on that conceit.” Here’s the full piece, whose headline refers to Zuckerberg’s “blinkered worldview.”
  • Imperial roots’: This kind of giving perpetuates inequality and smacks of imperialism, writes Devon Maloney at the Guardian. The “rich are still effectively buying the future they’d like to see, no matter how selfless their intentions may be,” she writes. “International philanthropy and the western world’s desire to eradicate poverty and disease can’t ever truly rid themselves of their imperialist roots.” Maloney also cites the “white savior industrial complex” in the full piece.
  • More on that: A writer at Forbes pushes back hard against the Guardian piece, calling it a “misunderstanding of economics,” while the Washington Post recalls a German billionaire’s argument that having the rich, and not the state, decide what people need is a “really bad” idea.
  • Not a charity: It’s not exactly a slam, but Alex Kantrowitz points out at BuzzFeed that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is structured as an LLC, not a charitable trust, as much coverage is suggesting. Meaning that not all of the money will go to charity; some will go into profit-generating private investment.
  • ‘Guardedly optimistic’: Not all the reaction is skeptical, of course. At Slate, Jordan Weissmann calls the move “admirable,” adding that “I think that as a rule, we would all prefer that our modern overlords give away their riches rather than pass them on to their children.” Plus, he thinks the Zuckerbergs have learned lessons from previous charitable misfires, and so he is “guardedly optimistic,” despite the still-vague goals. “These seem like the sorts of endeavors that aren’t going to cause a lot collateral damage, and may well do some actual good.” The full piece.
  • Read the Zuckerbergs’ announcement, in the form of a letter to their daughter.

Apparently I am not the only one that is skeptical……..

Source: Not so fast, Mark Zuckerberg: 4 reasons to be skeptical of his $45 billion giveaway –

Rich people do not do anything this selfless without something in return…..begging the question……..WHAT’S THE ANGLE?

The Zuck has responded to the skepticism……

Zuckerberg explains that Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC, the entity he’s donating 99% of his Facebook shares to, is being set up as a limited liability company instead of a traditional foundation so it can engage in actions like “funding non-profit organizations, making private investments, and participating in policy debates,” reports TechCrunch, which notes that some critics accused Zuckerberg of having ulterior motives or said the move could be “a big waste.”

The initiative will focus on “personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities,” building on previous investments in “education, science, health, Internet access, and inclusion,” Zuckerberg explained. He also addressed concerns that the donation—equivalent to the GDP of Serbia, or around $38 for every Facebook user—could be some kind of tax dodge, explaining that “we receive no tax benefit from transferring our shares to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, but we gain flexibility to execute our mission more effectively” and that if he wanted to avoid tax, it would have been far more effective to set up a traditional charity, the Verge reports. (A ProPublica piece calls the initiative a “tax vehicle.”)

Sorry but I am still looking for the “angle”…..