“The Country’s Full”!

Once again Trump has outdone himself on the issue of immigration…..he made another one of his lame ass statements…..”Turn around the country is full”…….(a paraphrase)…..

Donald Trump once again insisted the US immigration system was overburdened and illegal border crossings must be stopped on a visit to the US-Mexico border in California.

Trump traveled to Calexico, California, on Friday to view a section of the border barrier and participate in a roundtable on immigration.

“There is indeed an emergency on our southern border,” Trump said at the briefing, adding that there had been a sharp uptick in illegal crossings. “It’s a colossal surge, and it’s overwhelming our immigration system. We can’t take you any more. Our country is full.”

Trump, as he so often does, mixed fact with fiction when warning of the threat.


But a trip in the “Way Back Machine” and we can see that it is not the first time a president has tried to limit or exclude some from enterimng into the US……would you like to know when?

Sure you would!

The year is 1942 and a boat load of Jews fleeing Germany arrived in NYC……

In the summer of 1942, the SS Drottningholmset sail carrying hundreds of desperate Jewish refugees, en route to New York City from Sweden. Among them was Herbert Karl Friedrich Bahr, a 28-year-old from Germany, who was also seeking entry to the United States. When he arrived, he told the same story as his fellow passengers: As a victim of persecution, he wanted asylum from Nazi violence.

But during a meticulous interview process that involved five separate government agencies, Bahr’s story began to unravel. Days later, the FBI accused Bahr of being a Nazi spy. They said the Gestapo had given him $7,000 to steal American industrial secrets—and that he’d posed as a refugee in order to sneak into the country unnoticed. His case was rushed to trial, and the prosecution called for the death penalty.

What Bahr didn’t know, or perhaps didn’t mind, was that his story would be used as an excuse to deny visas to thousands of Jews fleeing the horrors of the Nazi regime.
Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/us-government-turned-away-thousands-jewish-refugees-fearing-they-were-nazi-spies-180957324/#lVgE6M2T0SFAHC18.99

See Trump is not the first president to claim national security while keeping immigrants out of the country.

My question for Trump is……if the country is full does that apply to whites looking for a better life?


4 thoughts on ““The Country’s Full”!

  1. There is such a small percentage of the population living west of the Mississippi, and all those vast landscapes and prairies to admire. Saying it is ‘full’ is just nonsense.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I am not in favor of uncontrolled, illegal immigration. We should decide who comes in leagally and how many.

    And people can’t live in those deserts out west. That is why they are still very sparsely inhabited deserts.

    1. Most of the deserts are national parks…..when we start pick and coosing then we are no better than some of the bad guys from history….chuq

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