It’s That Inescapable Crisis

After the speech of a couple of days ago….the key word of that day was …CRISIS.

I seems that the President has ginned up a new crisis that needs dealing with….the dreaded “caravan” was a dud after the midterms so something new had to be found….it was all this “illegals” flowing across our Southern border.

It is a crisis…..Trump made sure that word was drummed into our brains during his short uninformed speech of Tuesday night…..

But did you know that there are truly some situations that Trump could use the term Crisis and be accurate……

The border is a big deal, and the problems are real, But, as Axios’ Stef Kight writes, often lost in the shutdown madness is whether the crisis is bigger than other vital issues facing the country:

  • Since that tweet, 547 people have been shot in Chicago, and 111 people have been killed, according to data from the Chicago Tribune.
  • 86 people were killed in the Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif. Trump visited after the fires — but he’s now blaming California for not exercising “proper Forest Management,” and is threatening to cut off emergency aid to the state.
  • An average of three men are killed every day in the U.S. by police officers, according to an estimate in the American Journal of Public Health. That would mean about 255 American men had been killed by law enforcement since Oct. 16.
  • There’s no real-time data on deaths from the opioid crisis. But with 67,000 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. every year, according to the CDC, it’s likely that roughly 16,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses — including opioids — since October.
  • Suicide rates continue to climb despite a healthy economy.
  • Seven U.S. military officers were killed in Afghanistan since Oct. 16, including six combat deaths. Trump signaled a strategic shift but never addressed the nation about it.
  • In Syria, at least 191 civilians were killed by the U.S.-led coalition between Sept. 10 and Nov. 17, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

And rather than address a devastating report by government scientists in November on the economic impacts of climate change, Trump simply said he doesn’t believe it.

There are truly many situations in this country that could be called a crisis….but the bullshit on the border is NO crisis…..a manufactured crisis with NO validity.

Plus if this is so damn important why didn’t it come up when he had a huge majority with White House and both Houses of Congress…it would have been a breeze to get something then…..but it just was not that big of a deal then….as it should be now.

Enough Said!


12 thoughts on “It’s That Inescapable Crisis

  1. By coincidence this issue is being reported on the BBC as I type. They are interviewing US government employees who will not be receiving their salary cheques today. I wonder how many of those people actually voted for Trump?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. They keep pouring in esp children and nowhere to keep them and they are just released. If they keep pouring in and we have no control over our own border that seems a crisis to me. Certainly a crisis for full emergency rooms of illegals with no insurance seeking treatment all over the country as well as for schools and all the social infrastructure agencies in all the cities. Case workers already overwhelmed.

    The shut down and no pay over this is a crisis for federal workers. I was enraged over listening to Hannity the other day on how workers are being inconvenienced. Inconvenienced ? If you have to choose between this or that bill to pay that is a crisis. If you car insurance is due and you don’t pay, your license is suspended and then you still have to pay premium and fine to restore license. That kind of stuff is no inconvenience but a crisis for families. I think it is wrong for president or congress to use shut down with workers screwed is wrong. 40,000 illegal immigrants MS13 all over US is a major crisis and ICE gets no help from 700 sanctuary cities or California both giving refuge to the lawless gangs. . That is certainly crisis. “NO” to the wall is nothing more than a mere “NO” to anything Trump not a matter of sensible spending as dems allege.

    1. I have heard that….I have spent a lot of time in ERs with my problems and my wife’s and in all those visits I have never heard a word of Spanish spoken….so where does our large Hispanic population go for ER care? Plus I have never seen one use an EBT card…these are talking points little of it is true….

      Sounds familiar it has been the same for Obama and others….it is a game…the wall is for a crisis of his own making….there is NO crisis. chuq

      1. The two emergency rooms we use in Atlanta are full of Hispanics. All the signs are in English and Spanish. Atlanta is one of the main destinations for Hispanics. The man who cuts my grass and my last plumber are dreamers. Most of the repair work on my house has been done by crews who fon’t speak English. I never ask for green cards. We are pretty diverse here.

      2. We have a huge Hispanic community with tourism being our main industry….hotel cleaners, construction, plus lawn care and so on….but I have not encountered any in ERs….with a broken leg and wife with heart attacks and her cancer treatment and them my amputation…..alot of time….maybe I went on the wrong days…LOL chuq

  3. I suppose it’s a matter of where you live. In Miami Dade and Broward counties ER’s packed with dozens and dozens of kids hacking and coughing and sneezing for example and on Friday and Saturday nights there’s the usual crowd of overdoses, stabbings and gunshot woulds. The rest are old people with heart attacks and strokes.Probably a third illegal with no insurance, two thirds of legal immigrants and citizens with no insurance and maybe 5% citizens with insurance. Kinda pisses me off when being wheeled in A-fibbing and heart attack through the maze of little kids illegal with colds delaying attention to me. But then I am ashamed of myself for thinking that my life is more important that that injured little boy or girl. I used to spend a week just hanging out in Bimini and seems most people in Bahamas have relatives in Miami and hop over to have the baby using an address of a Miami relative, have the baby and then skip out on the bill and head back to Bahamas.Same scam for illness or injury. Everyone’s got a racket to rip off America. The crisis will intensify. People in Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala suffer from oppressive government , police thugs, caught in cross fire between govt army and rebels, government and gangs warfare, , gang to gang warfare and extortion and rape of gangs. They are indeed refugees in violent war torn countries with non functioning sanitation, clean water, or health access. and millions really do qualify for refugee status according to our own laws. I think Trump change violence and crime not legitimate but I don’t think the courts will continue to allow that limitation. Millions really are refugees and not just wanting to work. Millions of refugees who do qualify as refugee status if rules revert will create crisis of 50 million in caravan. Now Trump made deal with Mexico that migrants stay in Mexico to await hearing in US but that may change too. I’ll give you an example of illegals in crisis when they get here. At the schools in which I taught many many kids eat no lunch. They are poor enough to qualify for free lunch but since parents illegal they do not file for it to avoid creating a paper trail so kids just sit there eating nothing until bell for next class. You might sask why don’t they just bring a bag lunch from home but the rest of the kids would crucify them with ridicule . They call them “boats”. So they sit there hungry. Crisis every day.

    1. It is heavy tourist down here… all the construction so we have a huge Hispanic population…..we still do not have a problem with crime or “freeloading”… leads me to believe that it is not as bad as they say. chuq

  4. Another point of interest in the matter is that Trump called these countries shit holes. I agree. They are. That why these people are so desperate to get out. Do you foresee congress under dems redefining rules for asylum allowing more people to qualify ? That would certainly increase legitimate entry petitions. We used to accept any and all who could escape from former Soviet satellite states. I think these people live under even worse conditions. Would you agree ? Another newly elected congresswoman from the socialist left said the impetus of the Trump Wall is to keep America white. What do you respond to that ?

  5. I have served in some of those countries and did not find them as described….not the US….Syria especially was beautiful so was Iraq…..Western Sahara….stop intervening and you could stop all the people wanting to be safe elsewhere….I have no problem seeking asylum anybody….keep America white…it is an opinion and nothing I have seen from DC contradicts that statement. chuq

  6. There us at least one more thing to say. Yemen. That is as bad as anywhere, with our support.

    Also the Gaza Strip. Also with our support.

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