Today In History–09 January

09 January….is a busy day in history….more so than most other days…..

1776 Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense

1861 Mississippi secedes from the Union

1912 Teddy Roosevelt announces he will run for president

1915 Pancho Villa signs a treaty with the US

1924 Ford Motor Co. is worth $1 billion

1952 Jackie Robinson becomes the highest paid player of the Brooklyn Dodgers

2007 the most important thing to date….Jobs announces the iPhone

There was lots more that happened on this day in history but those are the ones that I found the most fascinating.

My day is over…..its Miller time!

9 thoughts on “Today In History–09 January

    1. So much happened on this day…..but three important….Paine’s pamphlet, iPhone introduced and the birth of Doug…sorry I missed you in my list…I will do better next time….LOL chuq

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