Plans To Conquer America

History is alive!

How many plans have there been to invade the US?  Well one attack on 07Dec1941 and then there was an attack by a German U Boat during WW1 on Long Island (not sure if that was the location)…..but have there been other plans that are not as well known?  Oh yeah…..9/11.

What made me think of this was something I read about Obama and his re-election… seems some were saying that would trigger an invasion by the UN on our sovereignty……

A LUBBOCK TEXAS JUDGE made international headlines earlier this year for his prediction that if President Obama is reelected on Tuesday, it will open the door for a United Nations invasion of America.

Judge Tom Head told a local radio station in September that the president will: “Try to give the sovereignty of the United States away. He’s going to call in the UN troops, personnel carriers, tanks and whatever.”

The proclamation drew widespread scorn and ridicule both at home and abroad. Even the office of the Secretary General weighed in on Head’s prediction.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said a spokesperson for UN chief Ban Ki Moon.

But while a United Nations scheme to send the blue helmets marching up Pennsylvania Avenue seems a bit hard to swallow, amazingly enough a number of world powers (both friendly and hostile to Washington) have had plans on the books for a take-over of the United States. Here are a few of the ones that we know about:

There are so many things about American history that are not taught….so many things that are far more interesting than some of the “facts” taught in our schools.

Learn Stuff!

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17 thoughts on “Plans To Conquer America

  1. Well, there was the Japanese balloon attack that was a bit of a quasi-invasion.,, when 10,000 balloons with bombs were sent aloft to float the jetstream to America. A family in the northwest U.S. was killed when they went to tinker with one hanging from a tree. Those things drifted as far east as Michigan.

    Then, same war, a Jap sub fired their deck gun into the Ellwood Oil Refinery near Los Angeles with no effect… setting off invasion fears and leading to the internment camps.

    Again, same war, the German Operation Pastorious.. four saboteurs landed at Ponte Vedra Beach , Florida by U-202. Carrying the tools of the trade and explosives, they linked with others here. The FBI nabbed them all.

    The movie, “Invasion, USA” with Chuck Norris and Richard Lynch actually had a small invasion force using landing craft along a stretch of Florida. But that was fiction. 🙂
    Then there’s the “Red Dawn” movies…. and you could get techy that “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” were invasions of sorts.

    1. Balloons were a lark…..the sub was American trying to amp up emotions…..the Germans were morons….Norris is a tool…..Red Dawn was a yawn both versions….the others were just fanciful BS…..ten there was Mars Attacks!…Independence day parts 1 and 2…..then the Martians in Grover’s Mill….this is fun….tee hee……so far Pearl and 9/11 were the only real attacks…..chuq

      1. Christmas was ok.. thanks for asking, chuq. I hope you did well and managed to manage your pain management ok to enjoy eating too much. 🙂

      2. I hear ya. Christmas to me is kinda like that feeling you get when scraping your fingernails over a chalkboard… I wince at the fun hypocrisy. I think it has something to do that I am too big to bounce on Santa’s lap and make my personal requests, hence I never get the toys I really want (regardless of her hair color I may request).

      3. Father, Mother and Grandmother died in the month of December…Mother on Christmas Day at 0745 hrs… my leg broken badly on 26 December….so not a month that I look forward to… is okay other than that I can do without it….chuq

  2. I confess that I have long been surprised that America has not tried to occupy the ‘good bits’ of Canada. It’s too far for the UK to travel to help the Canadians, and the French are unlikely to bother either. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Did I read in the history series you have been publishing that the US tried to invade Canada during the war of 1812. Seems like I saw that somewhere.

        I have always wondered why the two countries did not voluntarily merge into one country. Seems more efficient to do that.

        And England can become our fifty first state, or states fifty one, two and three. They deserve six votes in the senate.

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