That “War On Christmas”

The day before and what is being done?  Darting from store to store looking for that last gift…..shelves are bare and there is one lone box of chocolate that was there when Rome was sacked…..

I have not heard the usual chanting that there is a War of Christmas this year….maybe I was just fortunate to have missed it.  I do not believe that there is some cabal out there trying to crap on Christmas….

Blind consumerism is replacing the religious aspect of the day… it is more about spending money than remembering what the day is suppose to signify.

I will admit that with each passing year there seems to be less and less religion involved in the Christmas celebration…..

It’s not a war on Christmas; Christmas as a yearly event seems robust. But the de-Christianization of Christmas is a real thing. From the Pew Research Center:

Not only are some of the more religious aspects of Christmas less prominent in the public sphere, but there are signs that they are on the wane in Americans’ private lives and personal beliefs as well. For instance, there has been a noticeable decline in the percentage of U.S. adults who say they believe that biblical elements of the Christmas story – that Jesus was born to a virgin, for example – reflect historical events that actually occurred. And although most Americans still say they mark the occasion as a religious holiday, there has been a slight drop in recent years in the share who say they do this.

This may be true….but that still does not mean there is a “war on Christmas”…..

Just a thought for the day before…..

Be well, Be safe

6 thoughts on “That “War On Christmas”

    1. Yeah…I was waiting for it but even on blogs it is not mentioned….shows what type to story that really is….have a good Christmas…be well, be safe….chuq

  1. today it is more about spending money than remembering what the day is suppose to signify. —– (This phenomenon is caused by the increased number of people who don’t care what the day is supposed to signify because they do not believe in what the day is supposed to signify.

    1. John, even the religious have fallen into the consumerism trap….for me there never was a war on Christmas….just someone wanting to stir up stuff for no reason…..chuq

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