Getting Old Sucks!

It is my last post on this rainy Sunday…..I will move on to my hot cocoa and watch the rain…..when you get old it is the small things that mean so much.

Time!  Ever stop to ask why time speeds up the older one gets?  Days fly by!  Years speed past at an alarming rate.  Why is this happening?

The expression “time flies,” originating from the Latin phrase “tempus fugit,” is one we all find ourselves saying or thinking, even when we aren’t having fun (as the extended expression goes).

The flight of time can be so fast it can feel, upon reflection, like our life is passing us by. Whether we’re scrolling through Facebook looking at the photos of old friends, dropping our children off at school and feeling moved by how big they’re getting or celebrating our own birthday, we may stop and say, “Where’d the time go?”

It’s a powerful, sobering revelation.

But it wasn’t like this when we were children, was it? I remember how each year, broken into school semesters, holidays and summer vacations, seemed to pass slowly, at a kind of diligent down tempo pace so that every experience, no matter how mundane, could be fully processed.

This is my FYI for a rainy and cool weekend…..time for a snack…be well, be safe…..chuq

10 thoughts on “Getting Old Sucks!

  1. Yeah, that’s all so true. When I was 10 years old, a day could seem like a week, and it took forever to get to Christmas. But now, it feels like last Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago, and it has already arrived again. I also have to try not to think that this could well be the last few years of my life. Five or six if I get the average, maybe ten or twelve if I’m ‘lucky’.
    Perhaps that’s why I am always so full of nostalgia for the past? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Agree with that.
    Coffee and danish here, looking out the window. Cloudy and dreary but warm inside.
    Have a good day.

  3. You’re preaching to the choir here, chuq.
    Just last night I had to train a new guard who just started at my location… and he is 19 years old. I mean.. jeez.. the kid wasn’t even born in 1998. Keeps calling me “sir”.. I need to put a stop to that. Ugh.
    Yeah.. I feel age each damn day. All those damn medication commercials on TV are directed to us old fart baby boomers.

  4. Yes, we find ourselves at the brink so quickly — It seems to come as a thief in the night — suddenly we are there …. awaiting our turn to find out all about God and our eternal destiny. It comes to us all and once we cross that line, there is no turning back and by that time we will have made the critical decisions that guarantee eternal bliss or eternal separation from God. Of course for those who prefer blinders, the concept of facing God is a non-starter. But I tend to believe that most of humanity has always searched for God and the majority cannot all be wrong. I would hate to find myself in the minority at the most critical of moments.

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