Screw The Vets!

Closing Thought–30Nov18

This country is failing the people at every turn…..the most blatant crap is the promise the veterans get with every election and with every election they continue to be crapped on by the very country they have signed on to protect.

This administration is NO different…it has been lying to the vets from day one……and veterans still support this goddamn poser in the White House why?

The latest debacle against the veterans is from the Trump people…..

A major snafu has hit benefit payments to student veterans under the GI Bill—and congressional aides tells NBC that they have been told the veterans are never going to be paid back. The aides say they were told by the Department of Veterans Affairs that the VA will not be making retroactive payments to veterans who were underpaid for their housing allowance because it would mean reviewing around 2 millions claims, further delaying implementation of a new system, which has already been pushed back to Dec. 2019. Under the Forever GI Bill signed into law by President Trump last year, students are supposed to be paid housing allowance based on where they take the most classes, not on where the school’s main campus is located.

Tanya Ang, vice president of Veterans Education Success, tells the Military Times that the VA’s excuse of retroactive payments creating too much work isn’t good enough. “That could be hundreds of dollars for some students—per month,” she says. “If this was a disability benefit, this would never fly.” The issue, which is the result of new legislation being introduced before the VA’s outdated computer system could handle it, has contributed to a backlog of claims that has forced some veterans facing final hardship to abandon their studies, the Tennessean reports. The agency is still working to process more than 58,000 claims, reports the Star Tribune. The paper’s editorial board calls the delays a “national disgrace.” “Those courageous enough to go into battle should face zero delays in getting the education benefits they’ve earned,” they write. (Read more GI Bill stories.)

It was not amusing to hear Speaker Ryan to stand before the military at the Pentagon and lie his ass off about what the veterans mean to this country…..they mean absolutely NOTHING from the White House down.

We hear about the obligation the people have to the country they love….sadly the country has NO such obligation toward its people.  This is the republic you keep voting for….boy are you guys morons!

Our veterans and service people deserve so much better than this country is giving them……and the country does not deserve the vets loyalty any longer.

34 thoughts on “Screw The Vets!

  1. So why do you blame Trump ? With his direction they have gotten a pay raise and can now go to a private doctor Pretty dramatic boost seems to me. Plus additional funding for military enhances their training and adequate and functioning equipment for mission safety and success. Also been made easier to fire incompetents in VA bureaucracy.

    1. This is his administration just like the one before was Obama’s…..he, Trump, has shown no readiness to meet with veterans or our troops…..chuq

  2. People hold up George W Bush in comparison . He visited the troops and met them.

    He also started or mishandled two unnessary wars and killed and maimed them and hundreds of thousands.

    Holding him up as a role model because he visited the troops sounds a little hollow.

    We will see what happens but two years and Trump has not started a war.

  3. and veterans still support this goddamn poser in the White House why? —- Because he is a great commander in chief and many of his generals will tell you so.

      1. Unlike you John I do have my facts straight and you know what I am talking about……. trying to cover for this coward is not your style. chuq

      2. I am glad you are convinced of yourself. It is a positive thing to have self-confidence. P.S. I do not have a “Style.” I “Am” a style!

      3. The problem with “Facts” is that they are usually always personalized and customized to fit and/or agree with somebody’s agenda.

      4. If we consider the scientific world as a representative of the world as a whole then there are no absolute facts except that we will die.the scientific method that all researchers follow and live by does not accept the presence of absolute facts. This is also true for the real world.

  4. Unless you have a service person in your own family, such issues always seem to be someone else’s problem. The bottom line is that if you send soldiers to pointless conflicts to be maimed or killed, then you have to look after them when they get home.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You can’t deal with obsessive Trump hatred, Pete so don’t even waste your time trying. The president does what he can do with what he has to work with. Even if he came up with the greatest and most numerous benefits for our Veterans, the sitting congress, filled with hate-mongering Liberals would kill his proposals so that they would be dead on arrival in the Legislature and he would never be able to see any of his proposed benefits for the Veterans happen. It is impossible to deal with obsessive Trump hatred, especially when it is dead set on believing that it is always correct in its assumptions and presumptions. I call this “Locked-In” thinking and there is no known remedy for it.

  5. From what I know, there is no absolute fact, the theory of everything keeps changing because we get more information and knowledge, and access to more tools that brings to us more knowledge; therefore the saying “we are right and the others are wrong ” may changed to “we are may wrong and the others are may right” .

  6. This is actually happening right now and has been going on for the last couple of years to veteran’s disability benefits. It going on with a program called the caregiver support program and the VA staff are violating the rights of veteran’s and their caregivers despite coming home wounded mentally and physically from combat. That’s a monthly cost of living stipend allowance being withheld from our wounded veteran’s families of $2700 per month. VA employees cried about the government closing for 35 days. Try being told you have to survive off a monthly income for a family of 4 at $660 a month. That’s some real boo shit right there. Just google Margaret Kabat. They’re removing families of suicidal veteran’s and guess what happens? You got it! The VA is saving millions on top of millions by unjustly revoking these families because they can wipe there own ass but struggle with remembering their middle name, home address, or can’t remember where they are driving to and get lost coming home. I had one examiner literally say, “You’re a good looking guy. What’s a guy like you doing in a program like this? I responded by saying, “What was I supposed to look like, Christopher Reeves?” (I spoke my mind and my immediate response naturally came out. Also I do not mean to poke fun of people’s disabilities. In fact, I donated to Christopher Reeves and Michael J Fox Foundations. These VA doctors don’t know the policies, regulations, and abuse their position to manipulate eligibility examinations.

  7. Btw try asking your counselor if you can itemize the owed payment amount on the voc rehab form that reimbursed you for your books, supplies, laptop. If you’re not in voc rehab then this approach might not work. Have you tried filing a claim with your regional office? If you received a denial letter for reimbursement, put that letter with a statement of disagreement with a motion to reinstate money’s owed based on 38 USC 2.7 Delegation of Authority to provide relief on account of administrative error.
    Keep me posted if anything works out for ya!

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