How About That Farmer’s Bailout?

In one statement…..It is Crap!

The Dear Supreme Leader has decided, in the past, that what the US needs is a good trade war to make everything okay for the future…..his trade wars and tariffs have hit our farmers the worst but not to worry the president has a plan to stop the bleeding of our farmers….a bailout!

SO now that it is in place how is it doing?  Are our framers making out okay?

American farmers are struggling to find storage for crops that would usually be sold overseas, with some being forced to leave produce rotting in fields as a last resort, as the trade conflict between the US and China continues.

Farmers in some US states are being forced into plowing their crops under — effectively burying them under soil in fields — as there is not enough room to store them in storage facilities, and they are unable to sell their products thanks to Chinese tariffs, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

And the bailout?

Well $6 billion has been promised to our farmers to ease their pain and so far $838 million have been doled out….so things are better right?

Well let’s be honest……the plight of the American farmer still sucks!

President Donald Trump’s $12 billion bailout of farmers who had been hurt by his trade wars has been a massive bust politically — and a New York Times report has found that very little of it has gone to the struggling farmers who need it most.

According to the Times, the bailout program “has done little to cushion the blow” of the president’s trade wars, “with red tape and long waiting periods resulting in few payouts so far.”

In fact, the Times estimates, just $838 million of the $6 billion worth of bailout funds that have been authorized so far has been paid out.

Will the pain continue for the American farmer or will these tariff thingys do what they were promised to do?

My guess is the promises will not be met…..something that is a reoccurring trait of Trumpism.

17 thoughts on “How About That Farmer’s Bailout?

  1. I’ve never met a poor farmer in my life. They have all been getting government payouts for doing absolutely nothing for decades and I have never seen a single one of them living in substandard housing or driving a cheap automobile. I would love to own enough land to declare myself to be a farmer and then to laugh all the way to the bank as I make my living on money the government pays to me to let my land lay fallow., It is a big joke and the farmers are always screaming about how bad things are or how unfairly they are being treated. Give me a break!

      1. They are the only ones who sholuold be allowed to do anything other than subsistence farming because they are the only ones big enough and qualified enough to play the agri game in today’s climate. Those who did not prepare themselves to compete do not need to complain when they can’t compete.

  2. Cute perhaps but a real and significant indicator of the nature of responses to hatred and love. Enemies do not love us and if we try to love them, we get destroyed.

  3. I rarely agree with John, but it is hard to feel sympathetic with a farmer complaining about how bad things are when they drive a Cadillac Escalade and live in a mansion in the best neighborhood in town in the off season, and another fine home in the country during the busy part of their year.

    I know more people like this than the poor, barely making it kind in farming these days, thanks to those subsidies (“The Farm Bill”) and crop insurance that pretty much guarantees a farmer these dsays won’t fail to pay on the mortgage, lose the farm, and be forced into a Model T loaded to the top and driving off to pick apples and lettuce in California.

    That said, they do face problems most of us couldn’t handle, but they need to keep in mind how they come across to townies and other non-farmers when they complain about those problems yet still manage to find funds for nicer homes than most of us live in and finer cars than most of us drive.

    I don’t begrudge them their successes because farmers still tend to be salt of the earth, work hard and long hours for what they have, but I do get tired of their whining about how poor they are, how tough times are. In most instances, besides, they voted for Trump in this part of the country: you wanted it, you got it!

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