Closing Thought–29Nov18

I have found that too many Americans could care less about our service people one reason is that it is a volunteer military….but a new report shows that the military is falling behind their recruitment goals….

The Department of Defense released recruiting and retention statistics for the 2018 fiscal year that show the the Army having significant shortfalls in recruiting for it’s active, reserve and National Guard components, while the Navy, Air Force and Marines met most of their goals.

The active Army recruited 69,972 soldiers out of a planned 76,500 in fiscal 2018, or 91 percent of it’s goal. The Army Reserve and National Guard numbers were much more short of goals, with only 73 percent and 78 percent of their goals met respectively, leaving a total shortfall of planned recruiting for the service at over 25,500 personnel.

If this trend continues will the M-IC demand that the draft be re-instituted?  And believe me it will take the M-IC who calls most shot with our military.

If so then I can foresee the rebirth of an antiwar movement…..something we need…..


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–29Nov18

  1. Small wonder that recruitment is falling. Who would want to be maimed or killed in the pointless conflicts currently engaged in by the US? I suppose they can thank unemployment and poverty conditions for a large number of the volunteers they still get.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The Military is falling behind on its recruitment goals because people are wising up to the fact that they might be entering into an agreement to forfeit their life on behalf of the Military/Industrial Complex — and most people are unconcerned because they have the idea that the Military is being paid by the taxpayer to do their jobs and the general public is more than willing to pay someone else to take all the risks.

    1. As a young person (I mean, like not that anyone is old here…I’m just a gen Z…nvmd) I think we care less about military in general because there’s so many more opportunities for us now to go do cool stuff and explore the world so we don’t really see the need to stay close on home matters, which is probably going to hurt our nation in the future.

  3. I support a renewed draft as well. The abuses of the old draft, where a person could avoid service in the miklitary through deferments , need to be avoided, though. I’d recommend national service of one sort or another (CCC-style camps; National Health Service; raking forests – sorry! LOL!; or other tasks needed in support of the public good) for people who have objections to the military. People with health or physical issues might need to be exempted, but most people couldf and should give their country at least two years of there time as part of citizenship.

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