The Great Cashew Riot

My Sunday and cooler weather it is enjoyable……maybe enjoy some fruit and nuts in the garden….speaking of nuts…….

Did you know there was a great cashew riot?  We have seen all kinds of riots…race riots, Zoot Suit riots, even some milder form of food riots…..but a nut riot?  A Cashew Riot?

In 2013 the shortage of cashew nuts led to about 20 farms being burned down…….well it is happening again….the problem is so severe that the army has been put on call…..

Traders have been given a Monday deadline to buy crops from farmers at an approved price, and not below.

If this does not happen, Mr Magufuli said he will send dozens of military trucks to collect the entire crop.

Cashew nut exports are a major foreign-currency earner for Tanzania.

Farmers have for weeks been refusing to sell their harvests, arguing that the private traders’ offers are too low.

On Saturday, Mr Magufuli accused traders of attempting to rip off thousands of farmers and ordered them to increase their price offers to around $1.3 (£1; €1.15) per kilogram (2.2 pounds).

The president says he is working to ensure thousands of farmers get a fair price for their cashew nuts and also so that the country does not miss out on vital export earnings.

That is right…..cashew riots are possible…..I love my cashews but I do not think I could riot over the lack of them….but then I do not depend on a harvest now do I?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…..we will pick up where we left off Friday come Monday morning…..

Be well, be safe!


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