“Making America Great Again”–Part 14

This part of the series is where most people pick up their knowledge of the country…the presidency of Andrew Jackson…..maybe I should say this is where most Americans think they know about this country and its early government……

Maj. Sjursen does an excellent job at looking at Jackson and the events around his presidency in Part 14…….

Part 14 of “American History for Truthdiggers.”

“… When the right and capacity to do all is given to any authority, whether it be called people or king, democracy or aristocracy, monarchy or a republic, I say: the germ of tyranny is there. …” —Alexis de Tocqueville, “Tyranny of the Majority”

There are precious few presidents, indeed, who can claim to have an entire era bearing their name. Andrew Jackson is one. Historians have long labeled his presidency and the years that followed it as “Jacksonian” America. This is instructive. Whatever else he was, this man, General—later President—Jackson, was an absolute tour de force. He swept to power on a veritable wave of populism and forever altered the American political scene. One might argue, plausibly, that we live today in the system he wrought.


Many think that the Jacksonian Era was the beginning of America as we know it today…..

This is an excellent look at our history…a history that may not be as it was taught to you in your school days…..

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


6 thoughts on ““Making America Great Again”–Part 14

  1. He is widely condemned for Trail of Tears uprooting Eastern Native Americans beyond Mississippi. The ugly deed has to be done to save these unfortunates from the coming explosion of westward movement which would have brought many thousands of murderous deaths and warfare with purposeful extermination in mind. .

    1. The Cherokee in North Georgia and Morth Carolina we’re living peacefully with the Europeans. Many were wealthy farmers. They were intermarrying. Assimilation would have continued smoothly as it had been .

  2. Thanks for this series, chuq. I am enjoying it, and learning a lot. Unlike many people in Britain, I thought I knew a fair bit about early American history. (And I did) But this is telling me so much more about the background to events that I am otherwise familiar with.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You are welcome…I am pleased that there are people that care about our history and the events…..soon the Civil War will be there and I knows you like that part….chuq

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