An European Army?

Closing Thought–12Nov18


I shared this info with a loyal reader of IST from the UK, , I try to get first hand info on stories I read….Pete has a great mind and lets me know what’s what in the UK and EU…..his takes are much appreciated.

The French dude has called for a standing “European Army” to protect the continent from Russia and the US…..really from the US?

Emmanuel Macron is calling for the formation of a “real European army,” and while two of that potential force’s foes, per the French president, are usual suspects, it’s the third that’s raising eyebrows. During a tour of WWI memorials in Verdun on Tuesday, Macron encouraged countries in Europe to establish a unified military effort to shield the continent “with respect to China, Russia, and even the United States of America,” reports AFP, via Time. “When I see President Trump announcing that he’s quitting a major disarmament treaty, who is the main victim? Europe and its security,” Macron noted, apparently referencing Trump’s pulling out of a nuclear weapons pact with Russia last month.

“Peace in Europe is precarious,” he added, with the Guardian noting Macron also warned of rising populism and nationalism there. Macron will be hosting a global “peace conference” in Paris on Sunday that will include Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among other top leaders, and he’s expected to keep cautioning against what he calls the “leprosy” of nationalism—especially when compared to the past. “I am struck by similarities between the times we live in and those between the two world wars,” he told local media. The BBC, meanwhile, doesn’t know if this idea will ever fly, noting that “there is no evidence that any group of European countries has the political will or economic muscle to spend sufficiently on defense to make up for the United States’ raw power.”

Most of Europe is in the clutches of austerity programs so I do not think the cash is there for another standing army…..and then there is the “will”…don’t think there is much of that either.


2 thoughts on “An European Army?

  1. I saw a bit more about this on the BBC over the weekend. It seems that Macron no longer trusts Mr Trump not to dominate Europe, perhaps even occupy countries that border Russia, like the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Poland. Given the US military build-up in the region, it is not unthinkable to imagine a US ‘Protection force’ flexing its muscles in the countries to the east of the EU.
    However, the chances of Germany, France, and the UK agreeing to a European Army are zero. Let alone the less-militarized members, and those like Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Slovenia who could never afford it.
    It’s a bit like the ‘Space Force’ plan. Cage-rattling that is unlikely to ever see any practical application.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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