Cooler weather once again has come around….maybe this time it will stick around longer than a couple of days….we can hope.

I begin my weekend posting with a photo of a potato….I love a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream but eateries never have a big potato I have to settle for those small ones….but then I saw a great potato at my local grocery…..

It was heavenly!

Enough of the foodie thingy…..we are in the middle of NFL season and we just finished the World Series…..I am not a big fan of organized sports but I do enjoy the guys at Bad Lip Reading…..

First we have the World Series……

Next their take on the NFL…

These guys are genius…..they NEVER stop being funny… is important to start your day with humor…….enjoy!

For me their takes are far more entertaining than the actual sports…..I hope you guys will have a great Saturday and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Be well, Be safe…….chuq

10 thoughts on “Saturday–03Nov18

  1. That is a huge potato indeed, chuq. Unlike most people, especially my wife, I don’t actually care that much for baked potatoes. 🙂
    The bad lip-reading clips are always hilarious.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Since the “Take A Knee” thing I absolutely avoid anything connected to professional sports. It is an addiction to stupidity that I do not miss and can well do without.

    1. I left them when I learned that all their “Troops” programs were paid by the Pentagon….I have NO use for anyone of thing that turns a profit off our troops……chuq

  3. I stopped watching football last year. Just organized mayhem and too many serious injuries yo be called a sport.ich happier without it.
    Stopped watching baseball. Too slow and boring. Don’t miss it either.

    1. I watch soccer at the world cup….I watch Formula One racing…..and when I can European Handball……after that I can live without the BS….chuq

    1. I too was amazed at the size….it took lots of butter and sour cream but that is the way I like it…LO. Have a great Sunday my friend and thanx for the visits….chuq

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