Fake News, Racism And Bombs

We have less than a week before a historic mid-term election and we have experienced bombs, mass shootings, etc and what brings this on?

There are a couple of articles that touches on these subjects a bit……like it or not…this is Trump’s America…..

Donald Trump, the American president, has fomented violence against liberal opponents and critics who disagree with his policies, and so-called “fake news” media organisations he regards as the “enemy of the people.”

With pipe bombs mailed to some of the political targets he has singled out for retribution – several high-profile Democratic Party politicians, including two former US presidents, a liberal billionaire philanthropist and a major news organisation – Trump is the most prominent inciter of violence and facilitator of right-wing American domestic terrorism.


These right winger extremists are stalking America…..and the rhetoric from the White House is not helping…..

Four of the Saturday worshippers brutally murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue had been old enough during the Holocaust and the second world war to revere America as a safe haven in a world of hate. The other seven victims, the youngest of whom was 54, had grown up in a land where most blatant antisemitism had seemingly retreated to the shadows.

When pipe bombs were mailed to a dozen targets of Donald Trump’s wrath, the only frail consolation had been that no one had been injured. Now with the worst incident of antisemitic violence in American history all comfort has vanished.


I read an excellent question after the weekend of death …….

If there is one thing the massacre at a Jewish synagogue, the pipe bombs mailed to leading Democratic party figures, and the racist violence that claimed the lives of two African-Americans in a Louisville Kroger store last week show, it’s that far-right and racist extremism are serious threats in the United States. Though law enforcement took swift action towards investigating and prosecuting those accused of carrying out these attacks, it is not clear the US federal government is taking this threat as seriously as it should.

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, the US has devoted enormous energy and resources towards countering threats posed by those accused of affiliation with extremists associating themselves with Islam both in the US and abroad. When US officials seek greater surveillance authority, they also frequently do so by emphasizing threats they say are posed by Muslims.


Personally, the events in the past 2 years is not the United States that I pledged to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic….and anyone that is not disgusted by the events then they are not the “patriot” they pretend to be.

But that is my opinion…..those articles are not mine and reflect the opinions of the authors…if you disagree do not tear into me contact the people in person…if you have the spine.

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23 thoughts on “Fake News, Racism And Bombs

  1. Any investigation into mainland terrorist attacks in the US will usually show that the majority have been carried out by white men with some sort of grudge, or racist point of view. Not many have been perpetrated by radical Muslims.
    The strange thing is that nobody seems to really care that much if a white man shoots a lot of people, but they become enraged if a Muslim kills one person. The whole country’s reasoning is skewed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. It’s not Trump…. this started with the Left when YOU did not WIN 2016. Therefore we the people have had to put up with YOU LEFTIES, angry, hateful rhetoric, while screaming at the moon. The Left started this and FN Media picked up the echo.

      2. Oh that is so wrong….the hatred has been around a lot longer than 2016…but blame whoever you like if it helps you sleep…chuq

    1. You forgot about the white man who started shouting and trying to kill the republican baseball team when they were practicing. And the policemen who were killed in Dallas. There are other examples. Each side, left and right, tends to forget acts of violence committed by their side.

      1. Shouting works also…..but Bernie came out that day a condemned the shouting and called him a coward…did not see any such thing this time….chuq

  2. No, this is not Trump’s America. He walked into problems up the ying-yang that Obama started and now people are so hyped up about finding fault that they don’t even want this country fixed (how it seems). Why not give us your own feeling once in a while instead of showing how you are swayed by certain reports you read? David Love, one of the “journalists” you’ve quoted here is part of Huffington Post – an on-line rag magazine!!

    1. If you read the whole posts I give what I think with each post……and to blame Obama is just lazy and to blame Trump is just lazy….and this is why NOTHING will ever get better in this country…..because one does not like a publication does not make it a rag or fake news……another cop out to avoid the heavy lift. chuq

      1. That is what most Americans want…the celeb gossip…all media does this…..I am not saying they are all ok I do not like most of it…..chuq

  3. To say that nothing will ever get better in this country is a little farther than I would be willing to go.
    I still have some hope and expectation that things will get better.

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