What Do The Democrats Have To Offer?

Just days away…the mid term elections…..and as a progressive a true progressive and it is an insult to call us liberals….we are so much better than that….but as a progressive an antiwar supporter I would like to ask what do the Democrats have to offer me?

The truth of the matter after looking at policies, slogans and issues then the answer is…they have NOTHING to offer me….

Chants of “No More War” from delegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention gave voice to sentiments that still resonate through the base of the party and the broad U.S. public, notably in communities with higher rates of military sacrifice.

While Trump’s 2016 victories in swing states may well have been aided by his posing as a foe of protracted war, his administration’s Mideast policies have largely exposed that masquerade. Unfortunately, the weak and confused positions of Democratic leaders on endless war and bloated military spending offer little alternative to war-weary voters.

Polls show the popularity of a progressive domestic agenda on issues from jobs to healthcare to free public college, but few Democrats in Congress are willing to strongly challenge the unaccountable military budget, which soaks up most discretionary spending that could be redirected toward the party’s proclaimed domestic agenda. By Obama’s last year in office, overall “defense” spending was higher (adjusted for inflation) than “at any point since World War II,” according to Peter Beinart (“The Democrats Keep Capitulating on Defense Spending“) – and significantly higher than during the Vietnam War.


Like I have said….the election is just days away and I have NO candidate in mind that I can support….they are all big money warmongering toads.

I have little respect for a society that has all but forgotten that we are at war in many countries and our troops are in danger to keep the M-IC afloat……there is something wrong to put war out of mind is a sign of a defective society.

Beyond the war thingy….Dems are still really screwed…they come up limp dick slogans and half baked ideas…..

It’s always been fascinating (and revealing) how people regard the core beliefs of our two major political parties. Not how they themselves vote, which is boring, but how they go about articulating the differences between the two parties when asked to do so.

Granted, there will always be those who insist there’s no real difference between Republicans and Democrats, that both parties are worthless, etc. But because we’ve had two separate parties for more than 150 years, there have to be certain basic, fundamental, differences between them, at least in principle, otherwise we wouldn’t have two of them.


Try again Dems you are falling far short of a workable party….we are screwed…..

Truth to told…I am one that thinks today’s parties are worthless and spineless……both parties spend all their time on their knees in front of the moneyed few…they are part time help at best

My daughter knowing that I am a Boomer blames my generation for a lot of the problems….she made me a banner…..


She knows that it does not mean me….for she knows how I have voted over the decades…..but she is right Boomers f*cked up society and we are now paying for that f*ck up……all in the name of Me, Me, Me………


4 thoughts on “What Do The Democrats Have To Offer?

  1. Despite the constant reporting of American politics over here, the Democrats never get a mention. They lack ‘personalities’ to attract sufficient news coverage, no doubt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “We didn’t Start the fire”
    Billy Joel

    That was his defense of the boomers.
    I am a member of the silent generation. Too old to be a boomer. Our generation did not have a president. Skipped right over us from greatest generation Bush to boomer Clinton.

    I agree about the democrats . Some polls I have recently seen shows the far left is way out of sync with the independents and the right. And they control the Democratic Party.

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