Follow The Leader

May I see a show of hands….how many here knows the name al-Baghdadi?

Really?  The self-proclaimed leader of the caliphate that ISIS wanted to bring into existence.  Well their efforts did not pan out the way they had desired.

During the long war with ISIS there were reports after reports of the death or injury to the leader of ISIS. al-Baghdadi……for instance…..

His name has fallen from the desired topics of the MSM but the man with 9 lives has a new territory to work.  Afghanistan.

Yep this man has made is way to Afghanistan and to take up the cause of the ISIS activity in the country.

Daesh leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi recently escaped to Afghanistan via Iran, it emerged this weekend.

Al-Baghdadi is believed to have reached Nangarhar Province, situated east of the Afghan capital Kabul, on the border with Pakistan. According to Pakistani security sources, Al-Baghdadi crossed through the Iranian city of Zahedan, where Iran borders the southwest tip of Afghanistan, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

Asharq Al-Awsat added that “according to the sources, ISIS [Daesh] manages a location to host its fighters in Zahedan in cooperation with [Iran’s] Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)”. Such allegations of cooperation between the IRGC and Daesh will be seen as significant in light of Iran’s participation in the Syrian civil war against such terrorist groups. Iran has supported forces loyal to the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, as well as seemingly allowed IRGC forces to be present on the ground in Syria.

Now the Taleban and AQ have been in a power struggle for about a year and now it appears that ISIS will join the mix for control.

Or maybe al-Baghdadi wants to be closer so that he can direct ops against Iran…..

The Islamic State jihadist group on Wednesday threatened to carry out new attacks in Iran, days after it claimed a deadly shooting at a military parade in the country’s southwest.

Iran is “flimsier than a spider’s web, and with God’s help, what comes will be worse and more bitter,” the group said in a statement on the Telegram messaging app.

Keep in mind where the above story originated……may not be the most reliable source.  It is interesting because Israel had told so many lies about Iran to garner some sort of armed response against the country….would they now jump in bed with ISIS to do their bidding?  Just a thought.

This guy sure gets around after being killed at least twice and mortally wounded numerous times… will he play in Afghanistan?

2 thoughts on “Follow The Leader

  1. I did know his name, and the last time I saw it mentioned was when they claimed to have killed him. I didn’t believe that of course. Then again, I also don’t believe that Bin Laden is dead…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. This dude was killed so many times that it became a drinking game whenever his name was mentioned….Afghanistan is an interesting choice for him…..chuq

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