How Does Being Played Feel?

You know most Americans have NO idea that they are being played by the media and even by Our Dear Leader…..Newspapers and social media are useful tools for these puppeteers…..

If any evidence existed to be found that Donald Trump had illegally colluded with the Russian government to rig the 2016 presidential election, that evidence would have been picked up by the sprawling surveillance networks of the US and its allies and leaked to the Washington Post before Obama left office.

Russiagate is like a mirage. From a distance it looks like a solid, tangible thing, but when you actually move in to examine it critically you find nothing but gaping plot holes, insinuation, innuendo, conflicting narratives, bizarre mental contortions to avoid acknowledging contradictory information, a few arrests for corruption and process crimes, and a lot of hot air. The whole thing has been held together by nothing but the confident-sounding assertions of pundits and politicians and sheer, mindless repetition. And, as we approach the two year mark since this president’s election, we have not seen one iota of movement toward removing him from office. The whole thing’s a lie, and the smart movers and shakers behind it are aware that it is a lie.

Think back to 2003 and the mash-up to the invasion of Iraq….the media was used to start a war and then to garner support for said war…..

Donald Trump has again stirred the wrath of his critics by charging that the media can cause wars. His opponents immediately howled that he’d launched another salvo in his ongoing campaign to vilify journalists as the “enemy of the people.” They also ridiculed his contention as factually absurd. Fox News reporter Chris Wallace bluntly asked National Security Advisor John Bolton: “What wars have we caused?” Princeton University historian and CNN analyst Julian E. Zelizer epitomized the view that Trump’s charge is unfounded with a piece in The Atlantic titled, “The Press Doesn’t Cause Wars—Presidents Do.”

Zelizer and similar critics are technically correct, of course. Media outlets have no power to launch attacks on foreign countries or order U.S. troops into combat. But that view is much too narrow. As Zelizer himself admits, the new media have considerable ability to influence public opinion. Such a capacity to shape the overall narrative is not a trivial power. An irresponsible press can, and has, whipped up public sentiment in favor of military actions that subsequent evidence indicated were unnecessary and even immoral.

Back in the 1920’s Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci predicted that the mass media would control society in favor of the ruling elite.

Social Media makes this control so much easier.

19 thoughts on “How Does Being Played Feel?

  1. Did you see the two ‘Salisbury’ Russians being interviewed on the news yesterday? They were just tourists, apparently, keen to see the famous cathedral. They knew how old it was, and how high the spire is too. More than most residents of the town know, I’m guessing. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Any comment made here overlooks a simple fact; by doing so, one participates in perpetuating the attempt to define the narrative… thus becoming part of the issue. When the entire system is broken, as it is in our world, any attempt to redefine the narrative at all is the same as trying to use duct tape to fix a bridge over troubled waters… i.e., doomed to fail. Sadly, I can see no viable way to fix what’s broken, as the true issue lies in human nature, which is NOT about to change, no matter how hard we try. It can only change at the individual level; society at large is not subject to such mediation…

    SIGH…. Silly monkeys… and that’s the BEST I can say….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. If human nature cannot be changed, then it cannot be changed in either the individual or society.
    I believe human nature changes slowly in the evolutionary process, changing st both the societal level.

    I think changes can made be made at the individual level. The changed individual can then make changes in the technology, govermental and/or legal structures which will change society at large.

      1. It is from a sociology class I took in college called Social Change in Simple and Complex Societies. One of the best courses I took in college.

      2. I typed in social change to search in my kindle. There were several thousand hits. I scrolled down and looked at the titles of the first hundred or so books. Several interesting looking. books were listed.

        As I recall we looked at societies before and after changes were discover and made in their technology. Then the discussion was about changes in their social structure, government, religion and any other changes in social interactions.

        I added the part about evolutionary change in the individual from a recent book I read about evolutionary change. The books authur did not say that. She said that as societies change then individuals with certain traits would be more successful and that genetic change would gradually occur in the population. I thought it could also work the other way round.

        There are s lot of good books to read, things to learn and theories to explore. Never had time to do that when I was working but retirement gives me god opportunity. I feel like I am in college again but this time reading and studying instead of playing sports, partying and drinking.

  4. Not that things were ever THAT great….But things certainly haven’t been this bad since the advent of electricity. First, you have the mainstream media being dumbed down, cut back, ruled by ratings, consolidated…and the re-introduction/stepping up of bias. Worst yet, they’re being ignored altogether by an ever growing number of people who just want to see celeb gossip, etc. And traditional media is the best media we got by a country mile!!!

    The Interwebs is a mental cesspool. On one hand, you’ve got the same mainstream outfits desperately trying to “remain relevant”. Boy, does the desperation show. Journalistic standards are cast aside for speed & laziness. Clickbait galore. Then there’s the rise of heavily biased on-line “magazines” that make the National Enquirer look like a 57 time Pulitzer Prize winning publication!

    But Loserbook, The Twit Zone, IdiotGram and all the rest of the fucking bullshit on the Webpipes are a mental version of syphilis. It’s spread rapidly and has gone untreated. In fact, everywhere you turn, you’re being encouraged to get even more & spread it around to everyone.

    It’s turned us all into a bunch of dung throwing monkeys hopped up on cocaine. The speed of the Interwebs and even the program formats encourage this (example: Twit Zone character limits). A Microsoft study said our attention span has diminished considerably in recent years…and that it’s a good thing! Because the less people can concentrate, the less thinking they do and the easier it is to manipulate them into buying bullshit. (products, or ideas). This is a goal, not an accident. Making us stupider and more emotional/reactionary is how they plan on getting richer & more powerful.

    Because there are essentially no checks & balances, any fuckwipe can say anything they want on the Webtubes without even providing the slightest of evidence. And because there’s no time, or desire, to fact-check any of it…most bullshit is taken as truth. (See Her’s Satanic child molesting, pizza place) Evidence, facts, reality…don’t mean jack-shit anymore. It’s all about finding ammo for your side in the Culture War. But again, most people ignore everything. At best, they just get little half-assed snippets of often very dubious information. But that’s even better for The Powers That Be.

    Thanks to the Information Stupor-Highway, we’ve all been buried in an avalanche of shit…and there’s no St Bernard in sight.

      1. Yup…Oh yeah, and masturbating monkeys. Those two activities alone describe at least 90% of all activity on the Intwerwebs.

        Monkey see. Monkey do-do.

  5. There is a growing awareness that the media is not doing their job and more of a propaganda for the corporations that buy the ads. I can’t bare to watch them much anymore. I dig around in the internet and because of that I know more about what is going on than the ones that only look at the paper and TV. I didn’t need Trump to call them fake news because I was already there after 911. So many questions was never answered or even asked by the media. Journalist never questioned the government narrative.

    The last election was brutal on the internet so I don’t say much anymore. I do give credit to Trump for calling them out.

      1. I think the movie Network really predicted what was in store for the news. (I think Nostradamus wrote the screenplay.) Once the networks became divisions of even larger corporations, news went from “public service” to just another part of their entertainment division. And look what ensued in the movie…crackpots, radicals, etc all designed to grab ratings…and the second the ratings sag..”Next nut-job!” The biggest nutter gets the biggest spotlight. (Hmm sounds familiar)

        Worse yet, this is “perfectly normal” now. Not just that, but virtually nobody…even the folks who were there at the time… remember it being ANY other way. That alone demonstrates the washing of brains.

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