Those Old-Time Wars

…but I exp-ectI have been writing and analyzing conflict (war) for many years and in all that time I have valued the input from my readers on their thoughts and beliefs about the subject.  I am fortunate enough to have several readers and visitors that have strong opinions o the matter and they do not always agree with what I have said or written…..but I find it exhilarating to have opposition for it always helps the conversation move forward.

Recently a good friend from,  to IST was commenting on a post I wrote about war…..

His comment was about fighting wars the way we use to and winning them like we use to……my point is that the “big war” is no longer the way we fight……but after saying that are their still things called “Battle Lines”?

It is common in today’s wars to claim there are no battle lines, but this is only because we do not create or at the very least do not want to recognize them as such because the enemy creates them. The creation of battle lines is the intentional act of an army and is, in fact, one of its great powers. In recent years modern armies have seized territory pushing the enemy out and behind the borders of that territory. Only to then stop pursuing them and begin administering the territory they seized.

It follows then that while the army is thus occupied and unwilling to cross the existing territorial borders in pursuit of the enemy’s final destruction. It becomes an easy thing for that enemy to build a center of gravity, and from the safety of this position across the border (A battle line they created) continue the war in every facet with almost no serious risk to their operations. We’ve seen this time and time again especially in modern warfare. Just in the last century, we’ve seen it in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, and other places as well.

In other words it depends on the way war is viewed.

Personally, I view war as a use of special operating teams with massive technological superiority….but that does not mean that the conflict can be won…..take Vietnam as an example then fast forward to Afghanistan and then Iraq……technological superiority did not lead to victory….but then we need to define victory…..for “victory is more difficult art than the war” (cannot remember who said that…..just know it was not me).  Keep in mind….”Victory counts for nothing  if those who gain it know not what to make of it”.  In the last 60 years the US is a prime example of that statement.

I believe that large scale operations are a growing thing of the past…..after the initial strike the conflict settles into a humdrum existence tit for tat confrontations.

8 thoughts on “Those Old-Time Wars

  1. Rather a broad subject, not terribly amenable to analysis due to its depth & breadth… I think ‘war’ will continue as a problem for humans until we learn to stop thinking in ‘hierarchies’… By that I mean the human tendency, no, insistence, on organizing the world according to our own internal need to have something (i.e. US) be first, while all else is second, and third, etc. Nature exhibits few things that obey hierarchal necessities; only in our minds does the world require some sort of arbitrary up & down organization…

    More simply, we humans seem to have a ‘need’ to feel important, so being ‘first’ becomes an imperative. If someone else feels the same, why, then, we go to war….

    Maybe it’s getting old, but, it’s all just one more reason to say, “Silly monkeys”, and sigh in resignation….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Like everything else around us war has changed significantly. Most countries no longer have compulsory military service, and the forces as a career is becoming less attractive. As a result, modern armies are relatively small, so large-scale combat is less feasible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. But the new way doesn’t win a thing, doesn’t change anything, except how many of our troops are dead. Either go big and get it over with, or leave.

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