Those Nuclear Constraints

Since we elected Our Dear Leader last November there has been a wealth of nuclear related crises for the White House to contend with….most of which the are problems of their own making…..Iran comes to mind and then there is North Korea and the “summit” and the nuke negotiations that are trying to take place….

Let’s step into the “Way Back Machine” to the glory days of the Cold War…..nukes were on everyone’s lips…..and the US having been the ONLY nation to ever use nukes had a plan…..

Recently declassified documents shed light on a U.S. nuclear war plan developed in 1964 by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff to bomb Russia – then the Soviet Union – and China with nuclear weapons so extensively that it would destroy them “as viable societies.” The war plan itself, known as Single Integrated Operational Plan 64 (SIOP-64), has not been declassified, as no SIOP has ever been released to the public by the United States government.

However, newly declassified documents that record the Pentagon Joint Staff’s review of SIOP-64 were recently made available through George Washington University’s National Security Archive project. The documents reveal numerous details about the still-classified plan that shine light on the Pentagon’s willingness to wage nothing short of total war against its adversaries at the time.

In particular, the documents show that the plan sought to accomplish the destruction of Russian and Chinese society by targeting and eliminating their industrial potential while also wiping out the majority of their urban populations. Still more troubling, urban civilians were proposed to be the main target and measure of the U.S. nuclear war plan as the Joint Staff sought to use “population loss as the primary yardstick for effectiveness in destroying the enemy society, with only collateral attention to industrial damage.”

Yes that is right….there was an actual plan to bomb the Soviet Union and China into the Stone Age.

Let’s look at nuclear constraints…….

The United States Army and the Russian Army view each other as potential future adversaries. General Mark Milley, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, has spoken extensively about the threat Russia poses and its adversarial nature.[1] Likewise, the 2014 “Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation” also identifies the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as the primary threat to Russia.[2] While the U.S. and Russian militaries view each other in an adversarial way, both have developed different conclusions about future warfare based on the current environment and the constraining impact of nuclear weapons. The U.S. Army has returned to emphasizing large-scale operations against near-peer threats like Russia, as outlined in its recently updated doctrine in Field Manual 3-0: Operations.[3] In contrast, while Russia has retained some large formations—designed to deter attacks and if needed fight under nuclear conditions—Moscow has turned towards more ambiguous methods employing smaller, more agile conventional formations to achieve external political objectives.[4] In fact, General Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the Russian General Staff, has suggested the greatest threat to Russia is from a U.S. sponsored political movement and other U.S. strategic capabilities, but not large-scale conventional operations.[5] Russia’s preparation for future warfare better appreciates the realities of nuclear constraints; rather than preparing for large-scale operations, the U.S. should prepare for small, politically constrained, ambiguous, limited conflict with Russia.

A couple views…..I would like to hear from my readers on their opinion on the nukes and their use.

13 thoughts on “Those Nuclear Constraints

  1. After 1945, they were always going to view the potential for conquest using nuclear bombs. It had worked with subduing Japan, so why not anywhere else? The report is not surprising, and had the ‘enemy’ not had spies who leaked the technology to enable the eventual stalemate, the world might have been a very different place today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That is true…..Iran has been pissed since the mid 1950’s when we decided that we knew who should run their country after their election of a man we did not like…..and we installed the Shah a person they hated. chuq

      1. They know no different…a whole generation was killed during the war with Iraq….they have learned to live with less chuq

  2. I feel so mature… I was going to write some on all of this ‘nuclear’ stuff, but,realized there is very little one can say to justify ANY use of a nuclear bomb… the only rational use is as a mining tool in outer space, to break up & move asteroids for their raw materials. Any use on a planet, or against people, is irrational and ignorant. But, then, irrational and ignorant describes 99% of the human race, and 100% of those involved in politics, on any level….

    Silly monkeys…. It would be funny, if were not so tragically dangerous; we are the greatest threat to our own existence….

    gigoid, the dubious

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