What Is Trump’s Foreign Policy?

I have been asking this question since the early days of Our Dear Leader’s presidency began…..and 580 something days into his presidency I still am asking the same damn question….there is no rhyme or reason to his so-called foreign policy.

As a person who has studied international relations I cannot find a path to his thinking globally…other than it is all about trade and making money.

During his candidacy I said that there were a few of his positions that I could support but since his election I have seen nothing hat I would deem as positive.

I have read a few pieces that try to help us understand Dear Leader and his thinking……

If you don’t happen to be part of Donald Trump’s base and you’re a member of the “fake media,” it’s a commonplace to assume that our president is a creature of impulse, a giant id with hardly rhyme, no less reason for what he does. News headlines and those of opinion columns tell the story: “Trump is incapable of seeing past his own ego”; “The Potemkin policies of Donald Trump, the simplest summary of White House economic policy to date is four words: there is no policy”; “World Leaders have figured it out: you can play America by playing Trump’s ego”; “Quick takes: ‘Trump is pure raging authoritarian id’”; “America must deal with Donald Trump, the first rogue president”; “Donald Trump is proving too stupid to be president.” Let me stop there, but believe me, I wouldn’t have to. And whether you’re of the left, the center, or (as in several cases above) the right, you would undoubtedly have a point if you had written such pieces, given the mad spectacle of these months. Still, it might be worth thinking of such headlines less as a commentary on that spectacle and far more as part of it. These days, reporters and pundits, addictively focused on The Donald, increasingly seem like but another part of the Trumpian id released upon the world.


About the only thing that is memorable is his rant on Twitter to Kim…his “Fire and Fury” rant….but is that a policy?

If you attach meaning to President Trump’s tweets, his foreign policy seems terrifyingly dramatic. One day it’s war with Iran, the next it’s peace. Ditto Korea.

At present there is no such thing as US foreign policy, at least not at the presidential level. Trump has no worldview and no principles — we know that.

He does have a couple of prejudices on matters such as trade and immigration but these have not yielded a consistent pattern of action. They just produce tirades.


I guess if the best your mind can handle is some silly slogan as policy then you need not worry…there will be enough slogans and insults to keep your applauding….but if like me you are concerned for our nation in the world then you will have noticed what I have noticed…..

Our Dear Leader is “Making American Weak”……a Defense journal has taking a look at the Trump foreign policy……

NATO leaders have a lot to worry about. The U.K. government is a Brexit hot mess. Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has been holding a unified Europe together on her shoulders like Atlas, may not be able to last much longer. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been channeling his inner authoritarian, and he’s not the only one. And then there’s President Donald Trump. Never one for subtlety, Europe’s most important ally called nato obsolete, threatened to ignore America’s treaty defense commitments to nato members that don’t pay up, slapped tariffs on European aluminum and steel, and treated nato as an irritating layover on the way to his real destination: Helsinki, where he’ll be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And that was before Trump actually touched down in Brussels and started berating European leaders face-to-face.


I am still looking for the one policy that will “Keep America Great”…….and I wait……

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18 thoughts on “What Is Trump’s Foreign Policy?

  1. There is no current Foreign Policy, at least none I can determine. It has been simple ‘reactions’ to events, with no forward planning, and little thought of the outcome of so many potentially rash decisions. If the ultimate policy is indeed Isolationism, as I suspect, then the groundwork is well-laid for that to happen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. One consistency I see on international trade is that “it is no longer business as usual” meaning the US will no longer allow itself to be bound by trade protocols that are dramatic and measurably disadvantageous for the US economy. A consistency in foreign policy is that “it is no longer business as usual” when the US is trying to stop Iran and NK in their goals for nuke capacity and our allies are more interested in looking the other way by wanting to continue their profitable exporting to such countries (esp Iran) that sponsor terrorism. Another consistency is that Trump will confront Chinese military expansionism in Asia, their theft of intellectual property and economic/industrial spying and that he will also confront and seek containment of Russia in Eastern Europe (providing vast armaments to Poland, Ukraine and Baltics and Russian Middle East interests. A consistency in both trade policy and foreign policy is to use our trade policy to “encourage” our allies to support US foreign policy in effort to keep sanctions in a unified effort against the world’s mischief makers. Another consistency is Trumps’s record in delivering on campaign promises as much as it is in his power to do so. Another consistency is that the world knows that this president is far more receptiptive to “military” options in dispute resolution. Another consistency is the president’s willingness to apply sanctions against this or that miscreant. All seems very well defined and clear and executed to me. Critics are certainly in denial. They may disagrees with these directions but to assert there is no direction is oblivious to matters I have herewith related.

  3. I see his policy as confronting China to make them play fair, by the rules and reduce our trade deficit with them; renegotiate our trade deals to give us a better trade with other countries; establish tariffs to protect our steel and aluminum industries; make NATO members to pay their share for NATO defense costs; reduce our role in the Middle East militarily; reduce immigrant illegal and put controls on legal immigration to meet our needs; foster better relations with Russia including sanctions for their bad behavior; confronting and negotiating with North Korea.

    His style is similar to that of John Foster Dulles. Dulles would use brinkmanship to threaten nuclear war and other military options to force negotiations. Rise was constantly uneasy with his style of behavior.

    Trump blusters and threats to get the attention of a foreign leader. That is he demand a lot at first with threats then he settles for what he really wanted. Many businessmen use that tactic at the start of an attempt to make a deal or settle an issue. You can always come down I’m your demands but first you have to get the other party’s attention.

    Those are some of the things I see him doing.

    1. This is not confronting….this is just knee jerk reactions…..China will not “play” fair….no matter how much rhetoric he applies……chuq

      1. Tariffs are not rhetoric. China has problems of their own. Their economy is slowing. They need to export to use to keep their economy and their government afloat. They will come around. Trade negotiations have already started since the tariffs went into effect.

      2. I look 👀 forward to seeing what you say tomorrow.

        If China does not agree to stop their unfair trade practices then the tariffs will remain in place and will themselves reduce the trade dificit. At any rate we cannot continue to have the deficit we have with China.
        I would like to see how you propose to deal with the deficit without the user of tariffs given the present situation with China

      3. It is more what will China do….this tariff thing has little to do with our deficit…..these will melt away as soon as it is expedient….chuq

  4. There is no Foreign Policy with Trump. There’s no policy of any description. Policy requires thematic actions seeking to achieve specific objectives, or at least to move things in a direction. Policies are supposed to be made based on facts, contemplation of the evidence and done with the assistance of the relevant departments…and Trumpy D. Clown don’t play any of dat! He’s neutered half of his departments and is at war with the other half. Every idea has to be HIS idea.

    With Trump, you just have a collection of “whatever I feel like doing today”…and that could change wildly tomorrow. If there’s any theme, it’s “Attack everyone else.” Attack in the loudest, most attention grabbing, way possible. Everything is a war of words, macho posturing and aggressive actions. Jesus, he treats Canada…the world’s Milhouse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milhouse_Van_Houten …like it’s a bigger enemy than Russia!

    Nothing is actually about policy. Everything is about him. Yes, he targets issues that appeal to his base. On a few issues, like trade, even I could conceptually get behind him. However, he does everything in such a overly aggressive, authoritarian, ham-fisted, attention-whoring, manner…it ruins whatever he hopes to accomplish. Although, the only thing he actually wants to accomplish is to be the centre of everyone’s attention. All else is just a means to that end.

    Trade is a great example. Tariffs are something you try to slip by without being noticed. Trump’s method has turned (theoretically) good policy into a guaranteed, knock-down, drag-out, fights with…not just 2-3 countries…but dozens of countries. Most of them are/were allies. Now, they’re forced to respond just as harshly, or lose face. That’s not a “win”. At best, it’s a “chaotic tie”.


      1. How would I deal with the US-China Trade deficit? Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t jump around at a microphone, calling China crooks, etc and then brag about how much my bigly move is going to immediately cripple them…and then wrap it under the banner of “national security”. That essentially amounts to a declaration of war.

        The ultimate problem is that this shit was allowed to happen in the first place. Under Clinton, China got most favoured nation status (and other international privileges) in exchange for jack fucking squat. Why? Because American companies wanted to make more money by off-shoring. So go after those responsible. I’d see if I could come up with ways to punish/reward so called American companies for moving/not moving production to Asia and to create jobs in America. Mindless consumers also need a bog kick in the ass for buying cheap Chinese shit. There’s gotta be ways. (I’m thinking tax code stuff, or maybe a “carbon sales tax” that punishes products the further they get sent. Just spit-ballin’) But that kind of stuff is more internal politics than external. It will not demand the same kind of international response.

        Even if I imposed the EXACT SAME TARIFFS…(I might. Who knows?) I’d do it as quietly as humanly possible, I’d do it in slower, smaller, less noticeable, stages that don’t demand large, immediate, responses. Maybe I’d do it on the same day I did something more headline grabbing, on holidays, or when a major celeb dies….and count on the fact nobody even remembers what a tariff is anymore.

        Sure, China would probably still react. But the reactions would be less ramped up. The higher the stakes, the more pain involved. Slow, small & steady makes the transition to that economic target easier for all involved. This disaster took decades and it won’t be turned around in a day. It will hurt.

      2. I agree, getting off our addiction to cheap Chinese stuff will hurt. I have a house full of it. This iPhone I am typing on, two TV sets. I could go on and on. When I go into stores I look at the source of the products. I see made in China almost on every item. I don’t what the solution is but I don’t like where we are now and where we seem to be going.

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