“Arab” NATO–Again

I see that the pressure keeps up on an idea that Dear Leader is championing…an Arab NATO…..(I tire of all this stupid)…I have given some thoughts on this stupid counter-productive proposal…..


Of course we have those individuals like the Washington Times that has their opinion also……

The Trump administration is quietly pushing ahead with a plan for a new security and political alliance with six Gulf Arab states, Egypt and Jordan, in part to counter Iran’s expansion in the Middle East. The plan, which some in the White House and Middle East are calling an “Arab NATO” of Sunni Muslim allies can clearly be seen as one way to counter expansionism by Shi’ite Iran and referred to as the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA).

At a time when many are rethinking the utility of alliances such as NATO, this one could be a highly useful in dealing with the very real and immediate problems posed by Iran. Hopefully, it will be a subject for a summit provisionally scheduled for Washington in October.


I say SCREW Israel!  After their recent vote making anyone not a Jew a second class citizen should eliminate them from participating in anything to do with the Middle East.

Bloomberg thinks they have a better idea…….

The White House has indicated President Trump will convene leaders of the Gulf Arab countries for a mid-October summit in Washington, to encourage them to collaborate and stiffen their resolve in the escalating struggle with Iran. That’s a good idea, and overdue.

Encouraging cooperation is one thing, but leading a formal Arab coalition is quite another. U.S. officials talk of creating an “Arab NATO.” This would attach American power and prestige to a project with little chance of success. U.S. interests and the fight against Iran will be best served if Trump achieves a more modest goal — persuading the Arab states to stop fighting each other.


Again let me state…this idea is worthless and useless….there is already an organization in place that should be handling these situations in the Middle East…..it is called the Arab League.

All this maneuvering is to protect Israel nothing more….the policies by the Arab states should be handled by Arabs…..confronting Israel or that other dire threat Iran should fall on the shoulders of all the Arab states not the select few that have given Trump a blow job.

So I Have Written!

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