Terrorism–Outta Sight, Outta Mind

There are problems that seem to be fading from the news until a major event takes place and then it will be news only when it effects white people….that problem is TERRORISM.

This world has many problems but the one that is common to ALL nations is the act of terror…..and it is a problem that will NOT go away…..

The old maxim of killing one terrorist leads to a handful more of newly enticed recruits to extremism is true. We have known that for a quite a while. But our policy does not reflect it. We assume that if we militarily defeat these extremists to a hard enough degree that they will be forced to surrender and the war on terrorism will be won.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The lessons we were taught over the past almost two decades should have shown us that. The roots of terrorism are societal, political and economic. If anyone has some tribulation against the West or in our case, the United States, terrorist acts and extremism will exist. It is never going away and most especially not through brute force.

But perhaps the reason that we believe that terrorism is susceptible to military action in the way we have displayed it will work is because terrorists do in fact stop when hit hard enough. At this point, we think that we defeated them. The problem is that we misunderstand what it means when a terrorist group stops or is defeated according to a western perspective. Most policy officials do not get this but some intelligence analysts do.


Please keep this in mind…terrorism will never go away and the safest way to handle it is to always be aware of the situation…..this does not mean blaming anyone different as a terrorists that is the only way a slug can react to other humans….by accusing them of something…..immigrants to the US are very seldom terrorists……but idiots will find one that was and brand all as terrorists.

15 thoughts on “Terrorism–Outta Sight, Outta Mind

  1. Sadly, you are right to say that the West only cares when westerners, or white people are killed. Every day I see reports of bombs and killings in Afghanistan or Pakistan, but if no westerners are killed, it only merits a few seconds on screen. But the terrorists are still just as active, even if the victims are ‘only foreigners’ to us.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. There use to be a time when Americans cared about others…those days are now gone and are getting worse and the media does nothing to bring us the news…..chuq

      1. I don’t envy your situation over there, GP. A lot of hatred flying around, both ways. But the innocent people killed by terrorists in those countries I mentioned are the same as us, with families, hopes, and expectations. I think it is still worth seriously reporting the situation, so that we remain aware of the chance of terror attacks in the West.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I live in Mississippi you cannot find a more racist place…..you may not like the thought but unfortunately it is truth in this region. I do not depend on MSM for my news…I made an observation sorry if that pisses you off…chuq

      2. It’s just that it seems so popular to blame whites for everything, even liberal whites act as if they aren’t white. I saw all this action evolving slowly but surely about 8 years ago and now it it has picked up momentum.

      3. I am not blaming one over the over….what I am blaming is those that will not try to find solutions…..talk is cheap…..ignoring a problem is even cheaper….chuq

      4. I was taught not of judge people by their skin color…..a practice that I have always tried to adhere to….basically, I was referring to our many wars since 1945…..and the MSM response to world events…..have aa good day….chuq

  2. Domestic terrorism is a far greater threat at the moment. I’m talking LA, Chicago, Baltimore – all war zones for families trying to survive on low incomes. The brutality and casualties are astonishing. The nation, however, is stirred only when some white kids get shot at a school.

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