Closing Thought-06Aug18

Slavery is alive and well!

The US does more to support modern day slavery than most Americans know……support may be the worse word to use but it still tells the story.

A new survey on modern slavery around the world pegs the number of people in the US who fall into that category at about 400,000, reports the Guardian. The new Global Slavery Index also puts the number worldwide at 40.3 million and rising. While modern slaves in the US make up just a fraction of that figure, the group behind the survey—the Walk Free Foundation—says America plays a deeper role in the problem as the biggest importer of goods produced by suspected slave labor. The 2016 estimate was $144 billion worth of such goods. Other report highlights:

  • Worst offenders: North Korea has the highest concentration of modern slaves, who account for 1 in 10 of the population, or 2.6 million people, reports CNN. Then comes Eritrea, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Mauritania, South Sudan, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Iran.
  • Women hit hardest: The vast majority of modern slaves, 71%, are women, reports Axios. The usual route is through forced marriages.
  • Solutions: The foundation calls for outlawing forced marriages, setting a minimum marriage age of 18, setting up a database of human trafficking cases, and bringing greater transparency to the world’s supply chain.
  • One victim: “Over 40 million people … they are not numbers,” says North Korean defector Yeon-mi Park, who escaped to China only to be forced into a marriage, per the AP. “It could be anyone. It was me. It was my mother. It was my sister. Even now, there are 300,000 North Korean defectors in China, and 90% of them are being trafficked. They are being sold by Chinese men for a few hundred dollars.”

Human trafficking is a blight on this world…..every civilized nation should be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

My week begins and Monday comes to an end….at least my posting… well, be safe….chuq


10 thoughts on “Closing Thought-06Aug18

  1. We have a real problem in the UK with Eastern European ‘sex slaves’. Most of the prostitutes are girls promised ‘jobs’ when they arrived, only to be forced into sex work to ‘pay the debts’ to those who arranged their travel. If they don’t play ball, their families are threatened, back in their home countries like Moldova, Romania, and Slovenia. Shameful.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It would be nice to know what products are on the list of goods coming into the U.S. from slave labor markets. Also, there is human and sex trafficking going on here too (in the U.S.). They really need to crack down hard on buyers. If there were no markets, there’d be no modern slaves.

    1. Like drugs? Somewhere on the web is a list but I do not know where…..sorry I could not help….thanx for the visit and comment….chuq

      1. I can look it up, no worries. And yeah, I would think drugs would be on the list, I stay clear of the illegal kind anyway. 😉

      2. I think that that problem would be solved if drugs were legalized….the middle man could be eliminated and that is where the violence is most found….again I apologize for not being able to answer your question…..chuq

      3. I’m not so sure, but I will tell you why. Some substances that are dangerous are perfectly legal. Sugar for instance. And yet the sugar industry has had its share of litigation for alleged slavery of workers. And then too there is the whole opioid crisis…legal drug use that got out of hand and has become an epidemic killing so many people that those who are most likely to come in contact with overdosing users are carrying medicines around on them so they can try to save their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally against the idea of legalizing some drugs, but as I see it, it’s all a slippery slope. We legalize some drugs, problems increase due to continued criminalization of others. People kill over them, people kill themselves on them, at this point we may as well decriminalize suicide and grant everyone the Right to Die. I am not against establishing a Right to Die and decriminalizing suicide, but I also think we are hardwired against standing my and letting loved ones do it.

        It’s maybe an easy sell in an objective, unemotional, theoretical view, and a damned hard sell when its a subjective, very emotional, reality-based view.

        And no worries on the question answering. I am capable of real research, I promise.


      4. You are right…..drug companies like the situation as it is….as a person that needs pain management I use morphine and oxycotin….and now us that need the pain meds are made to feel like 4 year olds with the crap we have go thru to get relief…….I understand that some people will abuse but people abuse everything but we are made to suffer for everyone…..chuq

      5. True that….I live with chronic pain myself, but its tolerable enough I can get by with Ibuprofen. If that doesn’t kick it, I live with it, I saw what pain management drugs did to my Mother. She had a lot of health problems, among the laundry list was Fibromyalgia so she was prescribed Lyrica for it and her insomnia.

        She was addicted to it. The times she got a hard time from the pharmacy about her re-fills, she’d go through withdrawals. She is a big part of the reason I avoid doctors in general, prescription drugs, and even quit smoking. Now I am seriously considering seeing if I can make do without sugar.

        But yeah, you are right, people who need pain management are getting a real hard time. So are others, my Mother was also an insulin dependent Diabetic. I had to go rounds with a pharmacy on her behalf once because they thought she was asking for hypodermic needles, and were refusing to fill her prescription for diabetic blood testing needles. It’s crazy and its unfair, but people are either getting their prescriptions stolen or they are selling their prescriptions instead of taking them. It’s all a no-win.

      6. My right leg was badly broken after Katrina 2 surgeries and 4 toes amputated I need pain meds to get thru the day…..I am trying to ween myself and it is difficult…..the isis is from the drug companies not the people that need the meds…..but we have NO say and the corporations have all the power… the people will continue to suffer…..chuq

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