Saturday Thought–04Aug18

The weekend begins and I will try to give my readers some FYI posts that have nothing to do with the yelling and pouting going on in DC these days…..I said I would try but things do not often go as wanted……

I have had several different visitors to my blog that have been concerned about my use of a couple grammatical techniques….they are up in arms that I am doing it all wrong and they, my visitor, gets all confused that what I has attempting to say.

I first wanted to say “Bite Me”….but decided to act in a more mature way and point out that in a society where emojis and shortened words are king grammar is about as worthless as 8 track tapes…..

And then I happened upon a piece about grammar……

To hear some sticklers talk, you’d think that somewhere, in a classified location, there’s a top-secret grammar law library that houses the voluminous Grammar Penal Code: an official list of all the things you’d be “wrong” to do.

It’s wrong to split an infinitive, some say. It’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition. It’s wrong to begin a sentence with and. It’s wrong to use take to mean bring. Hang around these people long enough, and you see the list of no-nos is endless.

Their source, conveniently, is never revealed. They know what’s wrong and they’re not telling you how they know—as if they have a copy of the Grammar Penal Code and you don’t, so you’re forever at their mercy. With every word you speak or write, you’re in danger of getting busted for breaking a rule you never knew existed

Any problems with the grammar police my friends?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Thought–04Aug18

    1. MY menace was some dude that got confused because of my use of the “…..” device….so I had let him have it and if I confuse him then maybe a visit is not necessary……chuq

  1. I used to be a stickler for correct spelling and grammar. But once the Internet came along, “American spellings” overturned much of that, followed by ‘acceptable’ uses of things like OK, and 🙂
    Slowly but surely, I let myself slip.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Shouldn’t that be “Do you have any problems with the Grammar Police, my friends?”

    The Web-pipes has resulted in the single biggest lowering of ALL standards in human history. With regards to literacy, it is like the invention of the printing press…only in reverse. As a result, EVERYONE is now stupider, more hostile, less literate and has a shorter attention span than before.

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