Is Terra Forming Possible?

I continue with my posts on space, the final frontier……we all have seen the old scifi movies about Mars, right?

It is a lifeless dead planet without atmosphere, water or life……is that about the extent of your knowledge?

Science is a wonderful thing…..looks like they may have found a way to terra form Mars to make in habitable….

The bacteria that 3.5 billion years ago were largely responsible for the creation of a breathable atmosphere on Earth could be press-ganged into terraforming other planets, research suggests.

A team of biologists and chemists from Australia, the UK, France and Italy has been investigating the ability of cyanobacteria – also known as blue-green algae – to photosynthesise in low-light conditions.

Cyanobacteria are some of the most ancient organisms around, and were responsible, though photosynthesis, for converting the Earth’s early atmosphere of methane, ammonia and other gases into the composition it sustains today.

The photochemistry used by the microbes is pretty much the same as that used by the legion of multicellular plants that subsequently evolved. The process involves the use of red light. Most plants are green because chlorophyll is bad at absorbing energy from that part of the visible light spectrum, and thus reflects it.

Gotta admit this is just damn interesting……changing the face of a “dead” world…..

Making Mars safe for our new breed of “Space Marines” we will have if Fearless Leader gets his wish……”Starship Troopers” comes to mind….a look into the future?

There is your look into the possibilities that science has offered mankind… that I have given hope then I suggest that you go out and enjoy your Saturday….I shall do what I can to enjoy mine…..see you guys tomorrow….chuq

11 thoughts on “Is Terra Forming Possible?

      1. I would go to Mars and watch the Earth die because we were too lazy to save it…..they will find the money most will come from social programs as with anything we do……chuq

  1. … meanwhile we are destroying our own planet.
    So no, terra forming is not possible, not until we learn to fix the problems we have now, or else we will continue the problem again and again.

    1. The profit margins will determine if we try or not……we learn nothing and just keep polluting our way across the universe….chuq

  2. Terra forming possible? Of course… we are doing it right now – in reverse – we are killing the earth, one eco-system at a time. Terraformer wannabes need only look at what US is doing to the Mississippi basin to get great lessons. Russian virgin lands project and Mao’s great leap forward have great lessons too for how to kill the land and people. I think there is a Greek story about what happens when humans think they can outsmart nature.

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