If It Is 2018 It Must Be France

Formula One is my one sports passion……it began in 1959 and I went to my first Formula One race in France….and now today France returns to the Formula One schedule after a few years away.

The race calls for champagne and snacks as I watch…..

I bring this up because I would like to bitch about something the Formula One is considering…..you see they have a full schedule every year of 20-22 races to determine the championship……well the new owners of the Formula One is considering a race in  Miami…….which I think is bullshit.

Formula One, the world’s preeminent auto racing league, is actively scouting downtown Miami as a potential site for a new Grand Prix.

Executives and engineers with the global racing brand were in town this month, meeting with Miami’s new mayor and the city’s head of film and culture to go over potential racing circuits and logistics. Racing planners have already put together a half-dozen routes that would have high-performance vehicles zooming around AmericanAirlines Arena, over the causeway to Dodge Island, down Biscayne Boulevard and — in what sounds like a non-starter — through the PortMiami Tunnel.


Every country has one race that has always been the way of things…..and the US already has the United States Gran Prix so  we do not need a Miami Gran Prix.  As a matter of fact I feel that we do not need other races like Singapore or Bahrain or Abu Dhabi ……..NO other country has a second race on the schedule…why should the US get special treatment?

8 thoughts on “If It Is 2018 It Must Be France

    1. There is something that I shall never forget my first one…..Winner was Ferrari driven by Norton and second was American Phil Hill….great experience….chuq

      1. If you are talking about IST then you are mistaken….I average about 12 a day depends on the subject matter of the posts……somebody will comment whether they have read the post or not……I have NO complaints about WP. chuq

  1. I am not talking about your blog and the number of comments you receive … I am talking about the fact that I cannot see any of the comments unless I make the effort to return to worthless press and bring up that thing that lets me read them … which I rarely ever do … but I did today and that is how I am able to respond to you.

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