The Spruce Goose

I had a brain fart yesterday and posted one of today’s posts early…..sorry about that…..

I seem to be having some historical moments this weekend… daughter and I were talking about Howard Hughes and the subject of the Spruce Goose came about….how many are old enough to know what the Hell the Spruce Goose was and why was it built…..

Stop hurting yourself with the Google button……I will put it here for you……..

It was a cool California November afternoon in 1947 when the HK-4 Hercules, also known as the Spruce Goose, finally flew. It was supposed to be a simple taxi test, nothing more than motoring through the water of Long Beach Harbor to show off its speed and test out the plane in open water. But having endured years of people mocking the project and himself for trying to build a plane so massive it had no hope of flying, Howard Hughes decided to take the opportunity to extend his middle finger at them all in the most poignant way he could.

No doubt with a twinkle in his eye as the Hercules cruised through the water, Hughes turned to the 30 year old hydraulic engineer, David Grant, who he had chosen as his co-pilot that day despite him not actually being a pilot, and unexpectedly told him to “lower the flaps to 15 degrees”- the take off position.

I just had to share my history stuff this weekend….please go out and enjoy your day….be well, be safe….chuq


12 thoughts on “The Spruce Goose

  1. I’m not quite “that” old, but I did learn about it back in school.
    Yes, they did teach us a few things. But truth be told, they gave just enough information (that if it interested us we would do our own research — namely at the library)

  2. (Re renxkyoko’s comment) Surely all the early aircraft were made of wooden frames, with canvas stretched across, and some metal struts for support? Most WW1 planes had wooden propellers, and many in WW2 too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Hey, chuq.. again sorry for using you as a testing ground here. Just delete all this stuff. I was setting up a new profile and wanting to do a new site subscription here.

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