Closing Thought–21Jun18

Recently Ken Burns released a documentary on the Vietnam War…..I did not watch the film for as a vet of that war I do not need to be reminded of it for I spent 2 and half years there…….there is very little he could add that I already did not know or believe.

From all accounts it was a good documentary…..many people have watched it and come away with a “new found” understanding of the war…at least that is the way it is told by the media.

I have also read some articles that did not like the film for they said that it was a whitewash……I guess there will always be a pro and con on this sort of thing…..

I was a member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War until I got hurt and could not make the demonstrations…….and another anti-war group is the Veterans For Peace…it is these people that have said the Burns’ film does not deserve “Best Documentary” award…….

A national veterans’ organization is weighing in on this year’s Emmy awards with a full-page ad in Variety, saying Ken Burns and Lynne Novick’s “Vietnam War” series does not deserve a “Best Documentary” award.

Veterans For Peace (VFP), headquartered in St. Louis, with 175 chapters in the U.S. and six overseas, will run the Variety ad prior to the awards on September 17, to generate discussion about the series and the lasting impact it will have if “crowned with an Emmy.”
The ad says that because “The Emmy Award is a powerful recognition of truth in art,” Emmy judges are asked to consider whether, “In this war-torn world, what is desperately needed – but what Burns and Novick fail to convey – is an honest rendering of that war to help the American people avoid yet more catastrophic wars.”
More about the possible Emmy for the Burns documentary……

Emmy nominations are ongoing. Veterans For Peace recently announced it will place this full-page ad in Variety urging an Emmy not be awarded to the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick documentary, The Vietnam War. The Hollywood Reporter has refused to run the ad. Here, Vietnam veteran, Doug Rawlings, adds his voice to why the filmmakers should not get a Best Documentary award.

Like I said I have not seen the film but I take the vets word for it……but if someone would like take on this issue please share with my readers……some of them are interested in what you think.
Side note:  Did you know there are those that do Vietnam Re-enactment?  How sick (not a good thing) is that?

11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Jun18

  1. I was never in the military, and being English, would never have served in Vietnam anyway. (At least not ‘officially’.) I don’t like the sound of the war being portrayed by re-enactors, either. But I do have a view on the Burns documentary. As someone who watched this war unfold and progress, courtesy of the evening news reports, and various documentaries at the time, as well as through the war photography of Don McCullin, and others, I thought the TV series was outstanding.
    For perhaps the first time, we got a complete overview, from the first ‘advisers’, through to the fall of Saigon. As well as poignant interviews with many US veterans, we got to see the other side, with North Vietnamese Army veterans and Vietcong fighters, male and female, looking back on the war. Many of the Americans interviewed expressed admiration for the tenacity and bravery of their opponents, as well as remembering the heartfelt loss of their comrades.
    I can well understand and respect why people like you who fought there don’t want to watch it. On a smaller scale, as an EMT for 22 years, I have little or no interest in ‘reality TV’ programmes about ambulances and paramedics. I also understand why some US veterans might be upset by some of the content. But it is history, like it or not, and not many film-makers do that better than Ken Burns.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Although I see your points here, I do believe in the re-enactments. I find they one of the best ways to teach history. The wars today are detached from the public, most don’t even remember we’re in them day to day. But if you bring the reality up close and personal – maybe they’ll help in the fight to STOP wars?

    1. A little difficult to make the point of jungle warfare when the closest thing to a jungle is a overgrown lot….RE-enactments seldom give accurate data…I watch one for Civil War down here and it is No where near accurate…..Most of these people just want a weekend of drinking and hanging without the wife and kids. chuq

      1. That’s not the type of reenactments I was talking about, but if you have seen those – it’s just not right. Like Hollywood, always giving people the wrong idea!

      2. I agree that they can be informative…the one down here is a battle that never took place during the Civil War……waste of time if one likes history…….chuq

  3. I perceived that The film in question did more bashing of The United States troops and gave more praise to the Viet Cong than I thought was necessary.

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