Those Talks With North Korea

The last “summit” is being billed as a success….and so far I will admit that it is a positive thing…..I will remain pessimistic for I have lived long enough to remember the “summits” from the past and their eventual outcomes.

If you have NO idea what I am talking about then a timeline might rattle those grey cells…..

As you can see our attempts to bring about a lasting solution to the Korean Peninsula have not ended so well……we can hope this time around will be different.

Another thing to keep in mind when talking with North Korea…..the right bottom corner is the ones to worry about…..

The ballistic missile submarine is the most reliable means of nuclear deterrence. These vessels would survive a first strike and retaliate, which is meant to prevent an enemy from ever using its weapons. These fearful underwater giants stay hidden in the oceans avoiding detection at all costs and are always ready for the moment they might be needed.

All aspects of nukes should be on the table…..

Just a thought.


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