Lesser Known Battles Of Vietnam

Anyone that watches any of the history channels knows of the battles of Vietnam and the outcome…..battles like that of Khe San or Hue during Tet…these were those battles that the US troops mustered all their energy and won the day.

Then there is Hollywood which did all it could to give the appearance that the US troops could do no wrong and their tactics and fortitude gave them a victory at all costs…..

I hate to be the one to inform you of this but the US did not win every battle they engaged in in Vietnam…..McCain was blowing smoke……

One theme presented by supporters of the American empire is the U.S. military is invincible and can never lose unless stabbed in the back by impatient politicians. They claim the U.S. military never lost a battle during the entire Vietnam war. On August 30, 2011, President Barack Obama proclaimed to a gathering of veterans: But let it be remembered that you won every major battle of that war. Every single one.” Vietnam vet Senator John McCain repeated this lie in a 2013 article in the “Wall Street Journal.” This myth was disputed by America’s most decorated officer of that war, Colonel David Hackworth, in his book “About Face.” The U.S. military had every advantage, yet mistakes were made and battles lost. Internet research turns up these 104 lost battles of the Vietnam war: 


Americans need to know the truth…..that we did not win every engagement we entered into with the VC and/or the NVA….you can do what we always do….re-write history but the truth is far from what we are fed.


6 thoughts on “Lesser Known Battles Of Vietnam

  1. An interesting, and very long, list of defeats, chuq. The battles at la Drang were the subject of Mel Gibson’s film, ‘We Were Soldiers’ (2002).
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I do not watch Vietnam movies for I was there and do not want to be reminded of the crap I went through……I heard that it was a bit too pro to be true….chuq

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