June 14–The Day Of The Flag

Closing Thought–14Jun18

After all the hoopla about the national anthem and of course that involves the flag…..I wanted to see how all these “sunshine patriots” handle the day.  (Not sure what a “sunshine patriot” is then Google IT!)

Do you know what day it is….that is besides the 14th of June…..let me help…it is Flag Day.

The day when we go all out to celebrate the Stars and Stripes……

My biggest bitch is all these so-called “Patriots” that have their flags displayed outside their homes….the problem is most times it is displayed wrong.

So to help “patriots” avoid any further embarrassment I have a guide to the display of the American flag…..




There are way too many “patriots” that need help when they display the flag…….Print it out and display the flag the proper way and stop embarrassing yourself.

Today begins the FIFA World Cup….go Iceland!


One thought on “June 14–The Day Of The Flag

  1. I didn’t find out until I was in my 30s that the British Union Flag can be flown upside down too. It always looked the same to me, both ways. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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