It’s Africa

Nothing rings more true than a line from the movie Sahara…..the evil colonel when asked if they could get away with their evil plan said…”It’s Africa.  No one cares about Africa.”

Why is that?

Could it be that the continent is made up of what some have called the “Third World”……small underdeveloped countries or is that the rest of the world just does not care?

US involvement in Africa came to light with the ambush and deaths of American special ops troopers in Niger….this incident brought about the knowledge that the US is ass deep in Africa…..and the ambush has made the US do some reassessment on our operations within the continent…..

A sweeping Pentagon review of elite United States commando missions is likely to result in a sharp cut — by as much as half over the next three years — in Special Operations forces in Africa, military officials said.

Ordered by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in recent weeks, the assessment of Special Operations units worldwide follows an ambush in Niger that killed four American soldiers last fall. The review is an outgrowth of a Defense Department strategy that focuses on combating rising threats from Russia and China.

How different is the Trump approach to Africa from that of his predecessor, Obama?

Truth is there is very little differences between the two approaches…..

One of the adjectives most often used to describe Trump and his administration is “unprecedented.”

What people perceive as the shock and horror of living in a country whose commander in chief regularly denigrates his own citizens and dehumanizes immigrants feels most perfectly articulated as a fresh aberration on the American scene.

Of course, it isn’t entirely true.

Since foreign policy seems to be a subject that this president does not want to deal with we can expect nothing to change in the manner that Africa is dealt with.


2 thoughts on “It’s Africa

  1. We never seem to be able to let Africa look after itself. Despite giving independence from colonialism to all those individual countries, the foreign interference has never stopped.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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