“An Army Travels On Its Stomach”

Closing Thought–12Jun18

Who the Hell said that?  Oh yeah…the Little General or as you probably know him, Napoleon….his point was too make sure that the army was well fed so they would be ready for a fight when needed.

When I was in Vietnam our rations were those magic things called C-Rations…….such great canned stuff as Lima Beans and Ham, Ham and Eggs, Spaghetti in meat sauce, and my favorite Pork and Beans. Plus the best part of C-Rations were the canned fruit, peaches, apricots and fruit cocktail.  The truth of the matter is that only a few of the canned entrees were actually palatable.  The cigs were the best part of the package.

Then came the MREs, Meals Ready To Eat, that was after I left service so my only exposure to these was during Katrina when our food supply was kinda limited.  For the most part they are pretty palatable….only a couple would not make my top 10, like the veggie burger, it tasted like sawdust….there was a Thai inspired meal that was very tasty and spicy…..these are the food sources of our troops in the field these days.

Taking Napoleon at his word the US Army is testing new form of MRE for the Infantry……

The prototype Close Combat Assault Ration on display at the Pentagon on May 24, 2018, includes a tart cherry nut bar, cheddar cheese bar, mocha dessert bar, vacuum-dried strawberries and trail mix of fruit and nuts, among other items that were vacuum microwave dried. (U.S. Army photo by Gary Sheftick)

U.S. military nutrition experts hope to start testing a new assault ration, known as the Close Combat Assault Ration. that is drastically lighter than existing field rations by 2020.

Ten years ago, the Defense Department’s Combat Feeding Directorate began fielding the First Strike Ration, which was designed to give combat troops the equivalent of three Meals, Ready to Eat a day in a compact, lightweight package.

At about two pounds, the FSR is about half the weight and size of three MREs.


An Army Travels On Its Stomach…..so do the right thing and make a good meal.


11 thoughts on ““An Army Travels On Its Stomach”

    1. C Rats were not too bad……just a couple of them were a bit too oily…..MREs were an improvement but still some were nasty tasting….chuq

      1. Some of the bread stuffs in these rations is hard tack….they give it flowery names….like multi-grain or wheat…..chuq

  1. I had some of the stuff left over from the Korean Conflict and one of those items was “Chop Suey” that came in the regulation government olive drab colored can — and I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

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