Closing Thought–14May18

Speaking of the all important policy of jobs…..

The US auto industry has been struggling for decades……and after the last hit it took it did what it had too to streamline…..a few models went away….Mercury, a few models of Ford, Saturn, etc……well the streamlining is not yet complete……

Some 110 years after the first Model T rolled off the line, Ford has decided to start phasing out car sales. The company announced Wednesday that it “will not invest in next generations of traditional Ford sedans for North America.” In a financial release, Ford said that it plans to transition to just two cars over the next few years: the Ford Mustang and the new Ford Active, a “crossover” vehicle to be released next year. Ford currently sells the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, C-Max, Mustang, and Taurus sedans and coupes in North America reports TechCrunch, which notes that the Lincoln sedans are also expected to vanish.

Ford hasn’t said exactly when the Taurus and other models will be phased out, but the company’s statement says almost 90% of its North America portfolio will be trucks, utilities, and commercial vehicles by 2020. Auto industry experts say the move is a bold one, but not totally unexpected, given the continuing shift among consumers away from cars and toward SUVs. ” Ford’s announcement to pretty much get out of the car business … comes as no surprise,” says analyst Michelle Krebs, per the Detroit Free Press. “Ford’s car sales have been dismal for the past couple of years, and there’s no end in sight to the decline of traditional cars.”

Since the auto industry is struggling…..which models will be next and which maker will close down completely?

What say you?

19 thoughts on “Closing Thought–14May18

  1. We haven’t had a British-owned car industry here for decades. Even our best known luxury car makers are all foreign-owned. They can decide to close factories, move production sites, and cripple a town or area dependent on the jobs in those plants. Now that is REAL power.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Globalization has done this……look at Bugatti I believe it is owned by one of the German car makers…..who owns Jaguar these days? chuq

      1. Tata…probably world’s best named company. If I wasn’t down to eating 3 bowls of gruel a day…I’d put all my money toward buying Tata stock.

  2. In ten years i think only very rich people will drive their own bought car, if they reall want to do.
    All the others will use car-sharing, and the poorest people the public offers. Peak oil is near, and electricity is not available for all the usages we need. Michael

  3. I say whoever sells the most SUVs will (and should) disappear first. What the fuck is wrong with these morons??? Have they forgotten the mistakes of the 90’s? Once again, it seems everyone thinks gas is going to be this cheap forever. Look how well it turned out the last time. Two of the Big 3 went bankrupt and had to be rescued by the “Socialist in Chief”. Even though it worked out for nearly everyone, that AIN’T gonna happen next time.

    Either that, or they’re looking to a future where an ever shrinking percentage of the public can afford cars. That’s really the only logical argument for this move. However, axing Lincoln runs counter to the logic because it’s been Ford’s high-end models & aimed at an older crowd. The only demographic left where ordinary people still have some money left.

    1. No one notices that gas has gone up by $1,50 a gallon and continues to rise…..and all is silent……and these yuppies keep buying Hummers at 6 mpg and smile…they are idiots….chuq

      1. I don’t know what a gallon is. But I do know that if I ever scrabble enough dough together to buy another car, it will be electric and not much bigger than I am. (electric Smart Car?) Other than a few bags of groceries, what the fuck would I use all that SUV space for? Hauling around my ego???

        The vast majority of kms driven a year are single occupancy, no cargo, urban travel…and in traffic. You need something more that 2-3 times a year? Rent a van/truck.

      2. Electric is no more hackable than any other modern vehicle. That is to say, very hackable.

        Any vehicle with a satellite/whyfy connection (Or connected to a hacked stupid-phone) can theoretically be hacked, or be a virus-victim. Car hacking, viruses & spyware will eventually become common. Too much lucrative “data” to pass up on. (insurance companies looking to jack-up rates will be the first) If you have a built-in mapping system, you have an always-on GPS tracker that knows where you are and how fast you’re moving. If you have a built-in phone, you have a built-in eavesdropping device to listen in on conversations. Any centrally controlled electronic system (ie brakes) could also be compromised. All such “data” will either be taken & monetized by our corporate tech-overlords, or used to entertain bored nerds who just enjoy fucking with people. “I’m gonna turn this loser’s A/C off. Or make him run a red light. Yeah!”

        Here’s a good example of what’s already possible….

        If my next car came with such connections “standard”, I would insist they be disconnected. It’s a useless function for me anyway. I don’t want people calling me while driving. Driving is annoying/unsafe enough already. I also only listen to AM/FM/8-track (He-he. Okay, CD/cassette). And I always know where I’m going in advance. Or, I get a real map. Why spend hundreds/thousands more on a car to get that unnecessary shit?

        If you have an analogue car, keep it if only stored in the barn. A future fascist government, or AI-run-amok, can’t touch you. And you can even electrify them old cars. I know a guy who got an old Porsche converted. It used to spew fumes and make a HELL of a sickly noise. Then one day, it was clean, quiet and more efficient.

      3. Just watch the video on the above link…and you’ll never give up your analogue Echo.

      4. I like the Echo so much that when the original was wrecked I spent 5 months looking for a replacement…..aa good little car….chuq

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