Wars We Don’t Know

WE all know about our endless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and some even believe that is the extent of our involvement overseas….well that naivete is so cute…..we are ass deep worldwide in all sorts of warfare.

Just a couple off the top of my head…..


The U.S. military is dramatically expanding its operations at a former Soviet air strip in Somalia, constructing more than 800 beds at the Baledogle base, VICE News has learned. The construction at the secretive base marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial shadow war in Africa.

Baledogle’s expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive U.S. military infrastructure development project in the Horn of Africa country that will see at least six new U.S. outposts built this year, according to multiple defense contractors who spoke to VICE News.


Then there is Yemen…..

The Saudis and its Peninsula allies have been bombing Yemen for several years…..now there is a new twist…the US has troops helping the Saudis destroy Yemen…..

The US military is more deeply involved in the Saudi War in Yemen than officials ever admitted. In fact, new evidence suggests the Pentagon lied to Congress during the March debate about US involvement, presenting the US role at present being limited to targeting and mid-air refueling of Saudi warplanes.

The New York Times is reporting on Thursday that there are actually a small number of US special forces on the ground at the Saudi border with Yemen. Those troops have not only been on the ground since late 2017, but are there on a mission to help the Saudi military fight Yemen’s Shi’ite Houthi movement.

No public debate took place with respect to this deployment. Indeed, the Pentagon appears to have gone to great lengths not to tell the American public or the Congress about the Green Berets they sent to the border. The Green Berets are intended to help the Saudis “locate and destroy” Houthi missile caches, and attack Houthi launch sites inside Yemen.

This has been going on despite the Trump Administration telling Congress that America’s involvement in Yemen was purely “non-combat,” and again, despite the Pentagon repeatedly saying that America’s sole involvement in Yemen was logistics and support for the air war.


Lies to fight a war….go figure!


American mercenaries, like Blackwater, maay be the saving graces of the US military…..

The Pentagon is interested in having contractors provide two fixed-wing aircraft and two helicopters on call to rescue wounded American special operators in and around Yemen if necessary, as well as to perform various other missions. The announcement comes as it becomes increasingly clear that the U.S. military’s own aerial casualty evacuation capabilities are stretched thin and just months after it weathered serious criticism over relying heavily on private companies for these services following a deadly ambush in Niger.


Wait!  Wait!

You mean the best trained, best equipped military in the world…a military that got a huge increase in their budget will need the help of mercenaries?

A study showed that there is not enough able bodied recruits for our numerous endless wars….they are unfit to serve.


The state of physical fitness in the United States has long been a topic of concern among the nation’s leaders. Declining fitness measures on the part of military draftees played an important role in prompting President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 to establish the President’s Council on Youth Fitness. In 1960, John Kennedy, then the president-elect, felt so strongly about the subject that he wrote a multipage article, “The Soft American,” for Sports Illustrated.


Time to re-think this war thing…..somebody is f*cking the pooch……we can NO longer afford endless war.

15 thoughts on “Wars We Don’t Know

  1. Before they get involved in Somalia again, someone should make them all watch ‘Blackhawk Down’ on repeat! Using mercenaries really cheapens the whole idea of why they say they want to fight in those places.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You know I have been saying that for a decade….but if that is beyond our capability then start a war tax…pay as you go…..something the Repubs are always chanting about the deficit…..maybe we should do just that….chuq

      1. Yeah.. wow.. I think the last time I ever heard of the concept of a war tax was back during the Nam years. Dunno.. people don’t want their public monies going to fund the killing of unborn babies through abortions… but paying for sending their sons and daughters off to war to maybe die is ok.
        Regarding the draft… you will recall, more people were pissed at the idea of war when the selection to go fight it was a random selection from society.. and not based on “volunteer” things like patriotism, economic hardship, evading jail time, or untrained career decision, as it is now.

    2. And thanks to the Robot Apocalypse, there will be a lot of unemployed, “otherwise useless”, cannon fodder to draw from. Huzzah for progress!

  2. Wars everywhere. Troops everywhere. And some people still insist America isn’t an Empire.

    1. Actually, if our desire were to be an empire, the sacrifice might make more sense. We keep kicking out the bad guys, re-build the country for the good guys, who in turn, turn into bad guys later on.

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